I’m giving it a go…

Dang… I just wrote my first post and then accidently deleted it.  Let’s try this again, shall we?  This is what I said:

For the longest time I have referred to myself as a writer, but to be honest, I don’t think I can legitimately call myself that.  College papers, essays, the kid’s book I wrote in elementary school…they don’t count.  However, that aforementioned book was published.  On cardstock and at the school library, but published!  So I have decided to follow the lead of some friends and try this blogging thing (thank you Mike & Molly!). 

 (note: I like the version of the paragraph above much better than version 1 that was deleted)

As I’m sure most of you experienced, the questiong that looms above is: where the heck do I start?  Do I share the basics: my job, my hobbies, my animal’s names?  Or do I delve deeper on the first pass: Will Jim & Pam get together on The Office?  Why do people think the bluetooth earpiece makes them cool?  Or why do I think it’s ok to dress my 15 lb dog up in a Halloween costume (she’s going to be a bumble bee, by the way), but think it would be ridiculous to do that with the 115 lb dog? 

Let’s just start with the basics and I’ll fill you in more later.  You know, as we build this blogging relationship.

I’m an event manager.  Translation: I’m overly organized so you don’t have to be. ; I live on a farm but not with farm animals; I have animals (the mentioned dogs and 2 cats); I wear nothing less than a 3″ heel on a regular basis and that puts me over 6′ tall; I’m no long afraid to be tall…boys like me anyway (specifically my husband and he’s all that matters); I have a fear of all public transportation – it smells bad and people get motion sick (me too) and that I really have a problem with; kids don’t like me…and I’m not sure why; I love TV… always have and I’m not afraid to admit it!; I like wine and someday hope to know what I’m talking about in terms of wine; My father is the smartest person I know; Both my parents are my friends, second on the ‘best’ level only to my husband; I LOVE to read and must read at least a paragraph in my book daily or I feel I have forgotten to do something.  I’m going to leave it at that for today.  Is there something you want to know? 


~ by zuzu on September 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “I’m giving it a go…”

  1. yeah, I want to know what took you so long!?! Nah, forget that. You’re here. That’s all that matters. Thrilled to have you here. Peace out.

  2. I would say, that ROCKED for a first post, or for any post, really.

    And I would make that my TRADEMARK if I were you—I’m overly organized so you don’t have to be. Love it.

    (Mike outed you to me, by the way. Glad to have another blogger among us!)

  3. Love IT!! I am so excited you have now joined the cool kids!!! Finally, now maybe we can chat TV!

  4. Hey, how’s it going? V. cool to find you here. Can’t wait to read about what’s new with you. Miss you and your hubby, too!

    Welcome aboard.


  5. Yay!!!! So glad you decided to blog. And I love the first post!

  6. Oh my goodness! I totally dress up my dog for Halloween too! She’s a 12 pound Shit-Zhu masquerading as a pirate. She wants to be Johnny Dep’s sidekick 😉

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