Stephen King. Red Sox. Chicken.

What could the link between these things possibly be?  Well, I’ll tell you.

Bangor, Maine: home of my grandparents, a giant statue of Paul Bunyan (sans ox) and Stephen King.

One fateful summer, childhood friend of my mother’s and now sports reporter for the Bangor Daily News, Bobby, decided to make a bet with local celebrity, Mr. King. A friendly bet.  No money would be exchanged. Simply a wager involving the outcome of the upcoming Red Sox game.  Bobby said “Go Sox!” and Mr. King – a wise, wise man – said, “Heck no! The Sox won’t win!”

(the following is a recount of the bet planning…some quotes may be off a bit and I’m not sure who said which part)

“Let’s make bet! A public bet.”

“But of course, I’ll gladly take that bet.”

“What are the stakes?”

“Why fried chicken, of course.”


“Fried chicken! The loser shall eat friend chicken. In their underwear. In public.  In the park next to Paul Bunyan!”


So the game happens, and to no one’s surprise (except Bobby’s and Mike’s), the Red Sox lost.  Shocking. Boston 4; Seattle 6.

My first introduction to Bobby was in his underwear. I was 7. To this day, however, I stand by the belief that he cheated.  He wore long underwear.  It was basically just a really bad jumpsuit.

Much of Bangor, some visitors from elsewhere (like us Virginians) and anyone who read the paper the next day were witness to Bobby enjoying his KFC in the gazebo of the park.  Mr. King was there too…gloating. 

I’ve often wondered, though, would I ever be able to find Stephen King frightening again if the Red Sox had won that game.  Lucky for us all, we don’t need to worry about such things.

Incase you don’t believe me, there was a story in the NYTimes.  Oh, and what a completely unexpected segue. Speaking of NY – Go Yankees!


~ by zuzu on September 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stephen King. Red Sox. Chicken.”

  1. And your ancestors come from Maine?

    The shame!

  2. haha That’s great! I love Stephen King and it’s always been hard to imagine him as a real person — this takes the cake! 🙂

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