Life at the dog park and other stories.

I had a very nice weekend that was, of course, way too short.  There isn’t one moment that stands out as the pinnacle of the weekend, so here are some snippets:

** Wade was working so I had quality time with the dogs.  We went to the dog park yesterday so they could visit their friends.  As I was walking into the “holding area” where you let the dogs off their leashes, I looked up and I could have sworn Alex was looking back at me on the wrong side of the gate.  Except it was a puppy Alex.  This is very odd… in fact, I have never seen a dog who looks like her.  She is a woolly-coated Alaskan Malamute – meaning a regular malamute who has a recessive gene that has given her super fluffy fur.

This dog was identical to Alex as a pup.  Her “parents” and I immediately bonded and we are now going to have Malamute play-dates.  Their Irish Setter and Mabel (our beagle) are invited too.

** Speaking of Mabel, she’s been very good lately, so the last couple of nights she has been allowed to sleep on the bed.  She’s so cute, it hurts.  She climbs up on a pillow and nests in a tiny ball and will sleep through the night.  This morning she got up with me and went immediately over to the basket of pre-sorted clothes that need to be laundered.  Threw some clothes about (including flinging a green shirt out of the basket of blacks & reds) and promptly peed.  She has lost out-of-crate privileges.

 ** I picked a ton of tomatoes from our garden on Saturday and then made a huge batch of tomato sauce.  It turned out beautifully and I felt like a professional chef with all my secret “how to peel tomatoes” trick.  The sauce cooked for hours in the crock pot and it’ll be tonight’s super (yay for dinner already being done!).

** While peeling the tomatoes and squishing them to get all the seeds out, my engagement ring and wedding band got all gooped up with tomatoes.  I took them off to clean them (in the cup, around the holder…. nice and safe).  I took a shower and then forgot to put them back on.  I forgot again this morning.  I feel naked without them.  Enough so, that if I was less than 45 minutes from home, I would go get them.

** Oh, another dog park story.  Luna, the malamute left, and I was there with Alex, Mabel and two other beagles…Alex outnumbered.  A woman showed up with her daughter and her dog.  The dog ran ahead to greet all the friends and I heard the woman say, “Come on Jupiter!”  Oh, I thought, I didn’t realize she had two dogs.  Nope.  She didn’t.  Her daughters name is Jupiter.  Really?  Jupiter?  What is the world coming to?

** The Rock of Love finale was on last night and I fell asleep – no one tell me the ending, because I know VH-1 will repeat it many times.   (** edited at 12 PM:  I have just learned that last night’s show was a clip show and the finale is next week, so I’m very pleased with this news.)

** We went to some friends’ house last night for a picnic and padonk party.  Padonk (??) is a version of bacci ball.  Good times.  I am not good.  I’ve got mad defensive skills…not on purpose, but we’ll pretend otherwise.  It was an interesting evening. 

So, what did YOU do this weekend?


~ by zuzu on September 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Life at the dog park and other stories.”

  1. Aidan got to meet Bob the Builder this weekend. That was kind of cool. Of course, Bob was really a short woman in a big costume. But he doesn’t need to know that until he’s 25.

  2. Awww I LOVE your puppies! And…I got engaged!

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