The boys.

Besides my husband and my dad, there are two very important boys in my life.  Evan and Matthew – my nephews. 

Evan is three and Matthew is coming up on one year. 

As with many three year olds, the talk is constant and the material just never ceases to surprise me and make me laugh.  Here are some gems from Evan’s repertoire:

Gem #1:

While showing me a map/maze for Dora the Explorer:

me:  Hey bud, want to show me how you do your map?

Evan:  Yeah.  You go over the bridge, through the pocanut trees and to the lolly pin. 

hmmm….  Translation:  over the bridge, through the coconut trees (which were actually trees with GIANT acorns on it), and to the rolling pin (which was actually a wishing well, but the “crank” resembled a rolling pin).

Gem #2:

Evan: Auntie E, will you help me put these in order?  (referring to blocks that have numbers, letters & pictures on them)

me: Sure!  Can you tell me what this is a picture of?

no response…

me:  Is it a chicken?

Evan (with GREAT disgust): No, Auntie E!  It’s a mooster. 

me: What does a mooster say?

Evan (if he knew “duh…” he would have said it):  cock a doodle doo.

Gem #3:

Evan was eating cake and it was getting everywhere as cake is liable to do when a 3-year old is involved.  My dad found this to be a tad stressful and kept trying to clean up after him. 

My sister:  Papa, just let him be a kid.  (she says kindly)

a few moments pass and he is still trying to clean up…

Evan: Pipi!!  Just let me be a kid!!!

Gem #4:

same day…

My dad: Evan, you never met a cake you didn’t like, huh?

Evan agrees…

My dad: Good cake? (a nod) Bad cake? (another nod)  What kind of cake is this?

Evan: Birthday cake!!


~ by zuzu on September 26, 2007.

One Response to “The boys.”

  1. Love these. Keep ’em coming. And, love the new look!

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