Diamond is this girl’s best friend

I have a confession. 

I think that it’s probably safe to assume that diamonds are universally loved and coveted by most women.  They are so beautiful and have such symbolism.  A great is example (besides my own that I don’t have a photo of handy) is Molly’s.  (For those of you who haven’t heard, she’s engaged!)

Besides my gorgeous ring and necklace however, I have one more diamond in my life that I adore.  Or should I say, who I adore?  This is no ordinary diamond – although timeless and worth a lot of money. 

This is the one and only:  Neil Diamond. 

In a forth grade patriotic assembly I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sing one of Neil’s hits, America.  There is no greater patriotic tune.   It gives me a rush just thinking about that performance:

Everywhere around the world, they’re coming to America….

They’re coming to America…


If you haven’t heard it, you’re missing out.

That was fourth grade.  I was 9.  My life had changed forever. 

I was unaware that it would be nearly 20 years later – 18 to be exact – when I would see the man, the legend, in person.  Now don’t get too jealous. I didn’t meet him.  I just was in the same building with him and he sang all his hits.  To me (sort of). 

Before the show started I told the girl behind me about my patriotic assembly and my lifetime of love for Neil.  She had loved Neil for about the same amount of time, but she didn’t have the life-altering experience of singing one of his tunes.

Midway through the concert [mental image: Neil with his coiffe, in his sparkly outfit…yes the man wears “outfits”] he belts out America.  My new friend tapped me lightly on the shoulder.  She was either pointing out that this was my song in the off chance I didn’t recognize it, or she was just simply sharing in my moment. 

Neil made eye-contact across the sea of people… I’m sure he saw the glimmer of a tear in my eye. 

 Neil  Neil. The man.


~ by zuzu on September 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Diamond is this girl’s best friend”

  1. Too funny – come out of that Neil Diamond closet! Be loud, be proud.

    Turn on your heart light.

  2. Hahaha I’m dying over here.

  3. Today!

    (And yes, I’ve sung it in karaoke. And Sweet Caroline. And I’m proud.)

  4. Hello Neil Diamond
    Longfellow Serenade, Sweet Caroline, Solitary Man is super Song! One Grand Compliment!!!!!!!

  5. […] right now I can’t remember the first song, but it was followed by America (this time I did not tear up) and then he concluded with Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation […]

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