My tin can has bad reception.

Midday yesterday my cell phone rang and it was the guy from DHL saying he had a couple of packages for me but he couldn’t find our house.  This is not an unusual occurrence.  Whenever we have packages being delivered, we go through the process of explaining where exactly our house is because inevitably the person delivering is “the new guy”. 

Here’s the thing – when our house was built it faced, and currently does face, the road on which our address is based.  That’s how the postal system works: Front door = the street you live on.  However, in time our driveway has shifted substantially and is now on another road.  We get the calls “I’m at 5 Joe Schmo Street and I can’t find 15.”  Clearly many of the drivers didn’t learn the standards of the postal system.

But I digress. 

DHL was delivering the much awaited and greatly anticipated new computer!  How exciting!  We have decided to turn in the slowing dying desktop for a brandy-new and full of life (and speed) laptop. 

When I got home all good intentions of giving the dogs much needed baths went right out the window because the boxes had my name on them.  I had to open them.  So started the evening of a new computer. 

The first and most wonderful difference is the lack of wires.  The rat’s nest of wires has been reduced to a mere bundle of easy to access wires. 

The second difference is that we are throwing the dial-up days out the window and we’re switching to DSL.  I did the research and got the package that was financially appropriate for our needs.  The equipment was in the house and I hooked it up.

Directions say, “wait for all lights to stop blinking and turn solid green.  This may take up to 2 minutes.”

OK… I shall wait my two full minutes.

Solid green.  Solid green.  Why the blinking red?  That can’t be good. 

I asked Wade to check all my connections to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  Nope.  All was good. 

Solid green.  Solid green.  Blinking red.     (*humph…*)

I tried a few more things and then broke down and called the dreaded tech support.  They were lovely, but they were on Central Time and were not available to speak with me then.  I was to call back today.

I called back.  They hung up on me. 

I called back again.  They apologized for hanging up on me and put me on hold for many, many minutes.  Then Denise came on the line and said that she was sorry for the inconvenience, but despite being told that I would have DSL yesterday, they had lied.  They are unable to get a cord long enough to plug our house into their system.  Or something like that.  Oh, and make sure I send back all the equipment or I’ll have to pay for it.

Now, from the title of my blog, you know I live on a farm.  I do not, however, live in the boonies.  I live off of a major road that connects students to a fully-functioning university.  There must be a cord that reaches there.  Evidently my town of 1200, non-computer savvy, cow farmers is not worthy enough of investing in a long enough cord! 

Lucky for us, the cable company does have a long enough cord, so we’ll get it through them.  I just hope they don’t find out about our “reduced-priced cable situation.”


~ by zuzu on September 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “My tin can has bad reception.”

  1. I hate tech support. Was just on it for more than 80 minutes two nights ago. Ugh.

    And, by the way, did you notice you were tagged?!

  2. When I got my new laptop I wanted to sit with it all day and pet it.

    But then we couldn’t connect to the wirelesss internet and spent over an hour talking to India. We finally got it set up, but it was way harder than the directions said it would be!

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