My family, Part II: Mum

It was not my intention, but evidently my post about my father made people cry.  I’m flattered that my writing about him is moving.  In the words of many in upper-management pretty much anywhere, I’d like to “manage my readers expectations.”  Please don’t be disappointed if Mum’s post or any future posts don’t make you cry.  Hopefully they’ll be enjoyable all the same.

I call my mom “Mum.”  She is one of my best friends and always has been.  I honestly never went through the phase of not liking my parents and I’m sure they are as grateful for that as I am. 

I have spent countless hours just hanging out with my mom and I have many fond memories.  They date back to my early, early days. 

Mum stayed home with my sister and me until we were well into school.  I have very vivid memories of eating Maypo and having her read stories to me over breakfast.  “Oh, What a Busy Day” was a favorite breakfast story.  She read to me all of the time.

Mum’s main passion – after her family – is books. She loves books and reading. In my parents’ house there are over 7,000 books that my mother has collected, documented (in great detail) and organized.  It’s literally a library.  In one room she has a created a children’s library. Stepping into that room is like reverting back to being 5 years old and it’s wonderful.  There are hundreds and hundreds of old books, new books, antique books, children’s books’ characters… it’s truly amazing.  It will be a wonderland for my nephews when they are old enough to appreicate it all. 

Her other passions are England and tea.  Mum has her own business: Priscilla’s Tea Interludes, and she prepares and presents traditional Victorian teas!  Their dining room is filled with beautiful tea cups & saucers – simple to ornate.  It’s definitely a room to block off when the grandboys come for a visit (or granddog Mabel and her overactive tail). 

Mum buys Christmas presents in January.  In the basement (in her “wrap room”) she has boxes for her family members and close friends that she fills with appropriate presents throughout the year, so there is always a special gift for them.  She cuts out newspaper articles of interest to my sister, me and anyone else and puts them aside for us. She’s an amazing cook!  She prepares balanced meals and we ate as a family (when we were all home) at least 25 out of 30 nights a month.  I hate milk, but Mum said I had to drink it when I was little.  She would put a couple of teaspoons of tea in my milk to make it taste better.  We take a shopping trip, just the two of us, every summer since an accidental trip to Cape Cod several years ago (we took a wrong turn and ended up spending the day there!).  She is a serious cat person.  She knew Wade was “the one” before I did.  When I lived in Mystic, Mum would listen to the train go by their house and know that in 30 minutes it would be passing me.  The train was a comforting thought for both of us. 

Mum has always been there for me and I can turn to her for ANYthing.  I’m so grateful to have her as my Mum and my friend. 


~ by zuzu on October 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “My family, Part II: Mum”

  1. I’m kind of in love with your family right now.

  2. You are a lucky dawg…..

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