The gnomes like it.

AT&T, I don’t need you!  Comcast has come to the rescue and now we are officially up with the times.  Dial-up gone, cable modem in da house! 

We received all the necessary cords and such yesterday, and within minutes our HIGH SPEED Internet was up and running.  Folks, let me explain something, when you’ve had dial-up forever and you get this high speed thing, you just cannot be prepared for the joy it brings into your life. 

To be honest, at first it is fear because you just don’t expect something to move that fast.  Then you are in awe of the lighting speed of it all.  I can just picture the little gnomes inside my computer running on their hyperactive mode treadmills and cursing Comcast, but that’s why I pay them the big bucks (the gnomes, that is). 

Now you might be saying, “Elizabeth, surely your work doesn’t make you use dial-up.  This can’t be a new concept to you.”  And you would be right, however, it’s not the same.  Now my shoe shopping, ebay bidding (and selling!), and blogging from home will be made so much easier.  I may even be able to pay my bills in 3 minutes rather than 30. 

My whole schedule will need to be rearranged.  I’m so used to cooking dinner while pages are loading.  Do I cook before or after I go to Oh, the pressure of it all!



~ by zuzu on October 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “The gnomes like it.”

  1. Before AND after. You can’t Zappos just once. (And yup, I made it a verb.)

  2. Oh, Zappos – how I love you so.

  3. before during and after! I love Zappos! I love shopping online!

  4. welcome to the big show!

  5. Oh my god, how did you even know there WAS an online, never mind Zappos, with dial-up? I’m SO excited for you!

    I was just visiting friends in the far reaches of Maine with dial-up, and it JUST MADE ME WRING MY HANDS, I was so sad for them.

    SO glad you have the glories of high speed!

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