She’s a big winner!

Two years ago this Sunday will mark the anniversary of Alex’s big win. 

We had set out on a lovely Sunday drive.  It was a gorgeous day and we often take drives to see where we end up.  Part of this tradition is heading to the Colchester Bakeryfor apple fritters and then to Starbucks because The Colchester Bakery doesn’t have iced coffee.  Getting to Starbucks took a long time due to lots of traffic in downtown Colchester.  What was going on we wondered.  And there it was.  Lots of people and LOTS of dogs.  Oooooo!  How exciting. 

As we got closer we saw the banner:  Pumpkins & Pooches Festival!

Immediately we parked, did some last minute primping of our pooch which certainly paid off. 

Walking around we found free dog treat samples and fun leashes and fried dough (not for dogs) and other fun stuff (not for dogs).  Reading the flyer we discovered there was a dog show in the afternoon.  Costumes, lickiest, cutest, best trick and….  FURRIEST! 

We knew.  No contest.  Have you seen Alex???

For the $1 entry fee, we decided to stick around.  Not at all surprising to us, was that she took first place in the furriest category.  We did not know that the category winners all went on to try for “Best in Show” (a great movie, by the way).   

Our girl won!!  First place!! Best in show!!  We were so proud. 

She got a big dog bone biscuit with a blue ribbon tied around it  and complimentary photo in front of a pumpkin.  (which I don’t have digitally, sorry)

We tried to go last year, but it was rained out. 

But were taking her back again on Sunday.  This time with Mabel (who wasn’t born 2 years ago). She’ll have no match in the cutest contest.  Unfortunately, we shaved Alex, so she’s not going to take fluffiest title again.  They might take the costume category with bumble bee and beekeeper ensemble. 

Pictures and show placement on Monday!  Wish them luck!

**Note: when we got Alex we agreed – actually signed something official – to not show her.  This probably is not an AKC sanctioned show, right? So we should be ok.  But let’s keep this between us. OK? 


~ by zuzu on October 5, 2007.

One Response to “She’s a big winner!”

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t go! (Tough, tough weekend booo.) I bet Kodiak could have given her a run for her money on flurriest. At least, biggest shedder!

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