9021 – oh, no…

I had a job as a sales rep for a very short period of time.  I was freelance which translates to “work when I want.”  I was selling pages in a dining guide and it was a lot of cold calling.  That didn’t really work for me, so I quickly got out of that job.  However, while in this job, one of the most hilarious things happened to me.

I went to a restaurant on a cold call and for once the manager/owner actually wanted to talk to me.  I explained the whole deal and she asked me if we (the company) could help her with some marketing collateral for her other company.  Of course we can!  She was a doctor opening up a new practice and needed everything from business cards to a website.  Perfect.  We do all of this! I set up an appointment to bring the two partners back to meet her and discuss some options.   (I was cheering to myself, “Sweet! I just scored an account! I bet I become a partner in the company after my first sale!!”)

The next week we have a lunch meeting with the doctor lady.  Those attending include her husband who frequents leaving mid-sentence to go to the kitchen and my bosses.  Boss #1 is about 50ish, on the conservative side, but fairly laid back; Boss #2 is a socially-awkward guy in his early 30’s who is the creative mind behind it all. 

So there we are at our very official business luncheon.

Doctor lady asks us, “Have you heard of Dr. 90210?” This happened prior to the show on E! so no, we hadn’t.  She told us that she had trained with Dr. 90210 and that now she was opening her own practice on the east coast. 

At this point she opens her portfolio and staring us in the face is Penthouse and Playboy. 

She continues, “I focus on ‘lady part’ rejuvenation”  [she didn’t say ‘lady part’… I’m just trying to remain somewhat family friendly]

Stunned silence around the table.

She continues, “I saved a marriage by making this guy’s wife a virgin again. You know, ’cause that’s what men want.”


Then she turns to me.  Great. “Hun, how old are you?”

“25,”I say.

“I can make you like a 17-year old again.”

“That won’t be necessary, thank you.  Have you met my to male bosses who are sitting right here?”

Boss #1 speaks up and says, “OK, great, so tell us what we can do for you.”  He did a lovely job remaining professional. Boss#2 is beet red and I fear he may get swallowed by the chair he is in.

We got out of there as quickly as possible. Outside, I asked them if I was fired.  They said no and that they would remember me forever because of this meeting.  They did suggest that next time I get a little more information about the type of business our potential clients do. 

The restaurant went out of business…guess she couldn’t do for it what she could do for the ladies, huh?


~ by zuzu on October 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “9021 – oh, no…”

  1. Fabulous story! So, spill it, what restaurant was it?!

  2. Ah! AH!!!! That seriously is an awesome story.

  3. Now THAT is memorable. I wonder how the lady parts business is going!

  4. That was great! I love the part about boss #2 potentially being swallowed by his chair.

  5. That is awesome!! But you have got to tell what restaurant it was! I laughed out loud reading this!

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