Thought provoking

Before I get into my post for today, I need to update on my previous post.  Many people – specifically the ‘locals’ have asked me what restaurant I was in during my encounter with Dr. Crazy.  It was the former Drawbridge Inn in downtown Mystic.  The restaurant was closed (probably condemned) and is now a trendy fabulous restaurant under good ownership. 

So now on to today.

Last night Wade and I went to dinner at a new restaurant.  We were told to choose any place to sit.  I always feel tremendous pressure when I’m directed to do this…I don’t know why.  (It’s similar to the pressure I feel at the eye doctor when they ask me “which is better, A or B?”  I’m always afraid I’m going to get it wrong.)

We chose our table and then Wade said the strangest thing, yet it got me thinking.  He said that if he were ever cloned and his clone was evil and I had to choose which one was the real him and shoot the other I was to just ask what table is ours in this restaurant.  Hm.  Ok.  ‘Cause the clone wouldn’t know, then I would know which one to shoot. 

That got me thinking. 

What if I were cloned?  How would Wade know who the real me is?  I decided – quite matter of factly – that it could not be based on our seating at this restaurant because what if the clones were in cahoots!  I haven’t come up with an answer, but my question to you is:  If you loved one was cloned, how would you know which one was the real one?


~ by zuzu on October 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thought provoking”

  1. Damn girl. That’s a thinker. Let’s see. How would I know the difference? The clone, being evil of course, would not realize that puppy likes to be scratched on her belly in just a certain spot by her real daddy. And thus, I’d know good from evil.


  2. and what interesting dinner conversations you have…

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