What to do with your day off.

Yesterday (Monday) marked my first day off in 10 days.  This is a normal occurrence for me as my work requires me to be here many weekends and then I have to be here during the week to get to all the stuff I couldn’t do on the weekends.  Work is pretty good about giving me comp time, so I’m definitely not complaining. 

I had a very lovely day.

First on the agenda was the annual check up for Alex & Chloe.  Chloe had a mostly clean bill of health (just a little “watch out”, but nothing too scary) and Alex had a great check up.  She lost 11 pounds!  More importantly her Lyme disease levels are almost negative!!  A huge relief.  She was in a bad spot for about a year, but she is MUCH better now. 

Animals, check!

Off to Rhode Island to spend the afternoon with my mom. 

We had a lovely lunch a Efendi in Cranston.  It was really good – I had a traditional Gyro (a favorite of mine) and for dessert we split a lemon tart.  Mmmmm.Mmmmmm.

Off to Syms for some shopping.  This is the best store.  Designer labels for very little money.  That’s my kind of shopping! I got a few nice additions for my wardrobe.  Some of you may be shocked to learn that I did not purchase any shoes.  This is a very rare occurrence when I am shopping. 

Back to my parents’ house where I chatted with my dad for a bit, relaxed some and then got a blinding headache.  I sat in the dark with my mom and talked some more and soon felt better.  I picked up dinner and went home to Wade.

Our Monday evenings are always about the same.  We watch the Family Guy and go to bed (it’s on for 2 hours on TBS on Mondays & Tuesdays!!).  Last night, however, we had the wood stove going.  Ahhh…. I love it!  Cozy.  Warm.  And it just smells like winter.  Love, love, love it!

Also, you may recall from my big change to flannels, the love I have for my sheets.  May I just add that, although the exact same brand of sheets, the ones on the bed last night were about 12 times softer… 

Side note – unrelated to yesterday – a very good friend of mine is, at this exact moment, having a baby! Yay!  I hope tomorrow I’ll have a picture of Nora’s new sister to share!


~ by zuzu on October 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “What to do with your day off.”

  1. No shoes?

    Are you sure we’re friends?

  2. Sounds like a heavenly day….minus the headache. Oooh I have wood stove envy!

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