Wardrobe Woes

5:45 AM – Alarm

5:52 AM – Alarm

5:59 AM – Alarm

6:06 AM – Alarm…this time I got up.

Stumble downstairs, wash face, keep cat out of bathroom because there is Drain-o in the bathtub, back upstairs (I showered last night…).

Make-up on.

Select suit.  I have to be formal-ish today because I have a press conference to attend.

Open new pair of nylons.  Start to put them on.  Push a hole right through.  Series of expletives.

Open second pair of nylons.  Start to put them on.  Push a hole right through.  Series of expletives.

Open third pair of nylons.  No problems with this pair.  So far.

6:45 AM – In the car and headed to work (with a 4th pair of nylons just in case).  Haven’t had morning coffee, it’s still dark and I’m very sleepy.  Oh, and I have a headache (again).

7:29 AM – Pull into parking garage.  Search for nametag.  It’s buried in the bottom of my purse.  Find my work keys while I’m at it. 

7:49AM – I’ve walked through the hall and settled into my office a bit.  It’s time for my Starbuck’s run.

8:03 AM – Long line at Starbucks.  Dang.

8:07 AM – Headed back to the office with piping hot coffee and notice my nametag is gone.  Dang.

8:10 AM – Find nametag under my desk.  Phew.  Start to head to the hall again.

8:11 AM – Drip coffee on my shirt.  Dang.  Clean shirt with water followed by the Tide Pen (the best invention ever!!)

8:12 AM – Realize that life would be easier if I had pockets.  I have the radio clipped to my waistband, keys around my wrist and no spot for the cell phone.  Realize that the suit has those faux pockets that with the a cut with the scissors would produce an actual pocket.  (WHY do they sew the pockets closed??????? It’s an actual pocket!  Why is it off limits??)

8:14 AM – Start back to the hall with a new pocket and my coffee.  Lid pops off the top of my coffee as if a poltergeist were hiding in the cup.  Dang.  Time for more Tide pen.

8:22 AM – Back in the hall and all is well.

I have since made a bagel with no accidents and I’m still only on my 3rd pair of nylons.  I do still have a headache though. 


~ by zuzu on November 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wardrobe Woes”

  1. Haha oh man. My biggest concern this morning was sweater: cute or Mr. Rogers?

    I don’t envy you. 🙂

  2. I so agree with you on the pockets. I have always wondered about this one. Why bother if you can’t use them?

    Or can we and none of us do. Sounds like you might have explored this option. How did it go? Did the Pocket Police find you?


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