Babies on parade.

Wade & I have good friends who just had their second daughter.  We are super happy for them.  She was born on Tuesday at 5:41 pm (while Wade was in charge of babysitting their other daughter, Nora).  Her name is Josefina (Josie) True and she was 9 lbs. 1 oz (1 1/2 lbs. less than Nora!).  Everyone is doing great.

On the topic of babies…

As I’ve mentioned before, kids don’t like me.  Wade says I must give off a vibe.  You know, dogs smell fear….kids know I don’t really like them… I don’t know if I buy it.  I think that some people are kid people and some people aren’t.  I’m the latter. 

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE and ADORE my nephews like crazy.  I love Nora.  I love Josie.  I love my other friends’ kids. 

I just like giving them back and going home to my dogs & cats. 

Kids like Wade.  And not so much me (with the exception of my nephews). 

I just got the GREAT news that one of our friends is pregnant.  This makes a total three new babies entering our world within the next 7 months.  And that does not include Josie.  Is it something in the water?

I have recently come to terms with, and am admitting, I don’t want children.  I’ve also met a few people who have made the same realization and it’s been determined that this is starting to be an acceptable stance in society.  For while I felt like there was something wrong with me, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one out there. 

That is not to say that some day should this “clock” start to tick I won’t change my mind.  It’s hard to predict such a thing.  I do know that I’m going to stop feeling badly about feeling the way I feel. 


~ by zuzu on November 2, 2007.

7 Responses to “Babies on parade.”

  1. How you feel is how you feel. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that!

  2. Don’t feel badly about this. It’s better to know you don’t want kids and not have them, than to think you SHOULD have them just because everyone else is. Kids aren’t for everyone. It’s too bad a lot of people realize that AFTER they have them.

  3. Well if you ever want to hang out with another childfree couple, let us know!


  4. This is by no means an endorsement to say that you will change your mind…but for a long time, we definitely weren’t into it. at all. I’m not sure what changed, but something did. But, yeah, i know others that don’t have kids and there’s absolutely totally nothing wrong with that.

  5. Hey, I thought I loved kids….
    and then I had some.

    Seriously, you’ll be amazing at whatever you choose to do; be a pet mommy, a kid mommy, or not a mommy at all. Your choices – no one else’s.

  6. Agree with all of the above–too bad more people aren’t as thoughtful in their decisions regarding children!

  7. You seem well-balanced. That is a quality I definitely admire.

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