Safety first, my lady friends!

A common question asked by the male population:  “Why do women go to the restroom in pairs?”

I shall tell you why. 

Friday evening a few of us decided to grab a drink after work.  We went to the bar that is in the hotel downstairs from our offices.  There were four of us total:  3 girls and 1 guy.  Guy – we’ll call him Brian because that is his name – had to leave, so we were left:  Me, Lori, & Kim. 

Before Brian even made it to the hotel lobby, there was a gentleman in the seat next to me.  He immediately struck up a conversation with us.  He was clearly drunk.  At 6:00 Pm.  Sad….  He shared far too much information with us and he had a swearing problem.  I told him several times that if he were to continue swearing we were no longer going to talk to him. 

Conversation – one-sided conversation – ensued and he shared all the details: his job, his wife, his two kids… So, buddy, WHY are you at a bar hitting on three women – two of which are clearly flashing their bling in your face to scream “Off Limits! Go Away!” 

It got sadder. 

His two friends – who weregentlemen – were so embarrassed by his behavior that they ditched him (after paying part of our tab – thank you!). 

Creepy McCreeperson [a.k.a Portrait of a Serial Killer] then swore once more and said something offensive and I shut him off.  I snapped.  I told him, “NO more!  We are NOT talking to you anymore.  You need to stop talking to us and you need to leave!”  He failed to understand the meaning of this sentence. 

A dramatic rotation in my chair, blatantly giving him only a view of my back, seemed to send the message and he finally departed.

So, why do we go to the restroom in pairs?

Because of him.

That’s why we walk to our cars together and we don’t drive off until the other is ready to go. 

Because of him. 

I hope his wife is reading this. 

(in the event that she is, his name is Nate and for some reason was staying at the Marriott in Hartford Friday night…even though he lives in Hartford….sketchy.  Really sketchy.)


~ by zuzu on November 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “Safety first, my lady friends!”

  1. Yup, that is exactly why.

    And I can totally picture you yelling at him. Priceless!

  2. Creepy McCreeperson? Brilliant.

  3. Good post! And good for girls who stick together. That guy sounds like a loser – I hope he gets it together.

  4. “So, why do we go to the restroom in pairs?

    Because of him.”

    Interesting. I didn’t expect this topic to come up so quickly but my husband’s boss has just been fired for behaving exactly how you described.

  5. I say take a picture and post it on “Creeps-R-Us.” The poor wife.

    Remind you of a guy that was found on looking for a love connection when he already had a wife and kids? I still wonder if his wife ever found him out. Creeps!

  6. Eeeeeew to creepy men.

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