Starbucks Wisdom

“Have you noticed that dogs are the new kids? You take a walk with your kid and your dog, but nobody says, ‘What a cute kid!’ Instead they say, ‘What a cute dog! What’s his name? Is he a rescue?’ Maybe if I put a collar and leash on my kid someone will notice her.”  – Judy Gruen, Off My Noodle

I never read the quotes on the Starbucks cups.  I think it is left over conditioning from the overly religious sentiments that donned the Bess Eaton coffee cups for years.  However, yesterday, sitting in a meeting I looked down and the word “dog” crossed my line of vision and called to me as anything regarding dogs or cats is wont to do.  So I read my Starbucks cup.

The above quote lightened up my day and my colleagues who surrounded me. 

Having no experience with the kids portion, I cannot speak to that, but I will be happy to share with you all my experiences with my dogs and strangers on the street (or the park).

At the park, people are either naturally drawn to Alex or naturally drawn to Mabel.  But not to both. 

The “Alex” people can be heard exclaiming any of the following: “Wow, she looks like a wolf!”; “Is she going to eat my dog?”; “I thought it was fluff but, no, she’s fat!”; “What is she?  I’ve never seen anything like her.”


this is post-fluff shaving, pre-fluff regrowth, but you get the idea

The “Mabel” people, in between the “awwwwws” and high-pitched squeal, often ask how old she is and then accuse us of lying when we tell them that she is over a year and isn’t getting any bigger.  I promise you, I have better things to lie about than my dog’s age.  (I won’t, of course.  I will be honest.  I swear.)


 see how small she is?  see how handsome my husband is?

Other things I’ve noticed:

**99 out 100 times people get the dog’s gender wrong.  I think that with 50/50 odds, this record should be better.   This does not happen with kids….too often… (it did happen to me in the 3rd grade when someone told my mom that she had a very polite son.  That was humiliating and clearly has stayed with me.  No more pixie haircuts for this girl!)

**When talking about dogs, parents feel that it is OK to lie to their children.  Every parent at the dog park knows everything about everything and they blatantly lie.  “Yes, Suzy, that dog is half Beagle and have mountain lion.  It will eat you, your brother, and your dog, so stay away.  Also they are prone to rabbies.” Kid runs off screaming….

**This is unrelated to dogs, per se, but I have witnessed this frequently at the park.  Some people are of the belief that the louder you talk the more of an expert you suddenly become.  Also – the louder you scream your dog’s name, the more likely it is to acknowledge you.  Not the case. 

Sometimes I would like to yell back, “Hey! You! Haven’t you realized that your dog forgets his name when you get here? Maybe he’s trying to tell you something.”

I’ll call it a “he” because I’m pretty sure that dog’s name is Princess. 


~ by zuzu on November 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Starbucks Wisdom”

  1. Haha I loved this post. People never mistake Kodiak for a girl, but I think that’s because he’s so big.

    Your puppies are adorable. (And the hubby’s not bad looking either!)

  2. Cute pictures!

    And, don’t you know, He who yells loudest, wins? I swear!

  3. I had huskies growing up, so I love those “wolf-like, I’m going to eat you” kind of dogs!

    Both are so adorable!

  4. You are so funny.

    Love them both, but I want to run away with cute little Mabel! And what a divine hubby, too.

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