When in doubt, dump it

It’s Dumpster Weekend!
It’s Dumpster Weekend!
It is the weekend!
And it’s Dumpster Weekend!

The above is a song that I wrote.  Good, huh?  It has a dance too.

Today marked Day I of Dumpster Weekend Part Deux.  This is that special time of year when we have a 30-yard dumpster delivered to our yard and we fill it.  If you think that sounds exciting, you would be right.  It is the best.

Here are some items that get thrown into the dumpster (sometime from an upstairs window just to feel the satisfaction of it breaking):

** horse-hair plaster walls
** 2 washing machines
** a boat (it was very rotten)
** a couch
** 2 fans that have just had it
** 17 white coffee mugs that I just happened to find
** lots of collected cardboard
** many, many of those stupid kitty litter containers that are great when they carry the litter but just take up space once you’ve used the litter (including the one that Wade pulled out of the dumpster during Part I only to admit today that he didn’t, in fact, find a use for it)
** kitty litter
** anything that’s in my path that could be considered garbage

Dumpster Weekend also means the following things:

** I wear the same jeans for 3 days straight.  Don’t judge me.
** I don’t cook for 3 days (“because I’ve worked so hard all day”)
** My allergies are pretty bad
** The cats take a journey to the outside world because the doors stay open (convenience, of course)

Today’s highlights include, but are not limited to:

** Me letting out a horrific scream (to be heard only by me…) because I had a hornet on my finger tip
** Wade finding a bucket of dead mice in the cellar (they went in with some nuts…guess they didn’t think through how they’d get out)
** A Big Mac

I’m going to go watch TV now because I have worked so hard.  Yay me. 


~ by zuzu on November 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “When in doubt, dump it”

  1. we need to do this…..how much is it?

  2. This is so satisfying. I’ve got a dumpster in my driveway while this bathroom remodel is going and I LOVE throwing things in it.

    Sometimes I sneak out there after my hubby’s at work to throw in things he doesn’t know he doesn’t need!

    Wahoo! Go dumpster divas!

  3. It’s been FOREVER since we’ve had a dumpster, it is so freeing!

  4. Did you seriously find a big mac? That is hilarious!!

  5. Just catching up…a bucket of mice? EW.

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