Say what? I can’t understand that funny talk.

Awhile back the Discovery Channel aired Planet Earth which is now being repeated as an encore presentation.  I saw some of the episodes and frankly, they were amazing.  Gorgeous photography and cinematography. It’s truly unbelievable how they captures some of these shots.

What I have seen has moved me to tears – such as the scene of the Great White jumping out of the water and eating a seal.  Not glamorous so much, but the fact that the shot itself was less than 1 second, but they slowed it down to be 40 seconds.  Amazing.  Also, other tear jerking moments, learning that the precious Amur leopard  has been reduced to only 40 cats still existing in the wild. 

This isn’t the time for my soapbox for endangered species.  I could go on and on, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear it. 

Anyway, after the original airing, I was unaware that there was going to be an encore presentation and I really wanted to see the entire series.  My lovely sister was kind enough to purchase this for me for my birthday (thank you!). 

The other night, we decided to settle in and watch a few segments.  As it started up, I thought to myself, “hmmmm….that doesn’t sound like Susan Sarandon.  That sounds like a British man.” (specifically David Attenborough…I don’t know his voice, I just read his name) 

I know what you’re thinking:  Susan Sarandon – obvious choice for narrating a 13 part series on our planet.  I know you were thinking this because this is what I was thinking.  Not really.  Doesn’t make sense to me. 

I did, however, think, “crap.  Is this not the same series??” 

So I decided to turn on the Discovery Channel and find out what episode was on.  Then I popped in the corresponding DVD. 

Would you believe it?  It was verbatim.  British guy for the BBC version.  Susan Sarandon for the American version. 

Naturally I jump to the conclusion that the BBC people and/or the Discovery Channel people think that Americans are too stupid to understand that silly British accent. 

It’s, like, a whole ‘nuther language, you know? It’s like, all, foreign, and stuff like that.  I just don’t, you know, like, get it.

I, personally, find it far more enjoyable.   I just don’t think that Susan can pull off the mild humor as Mr. Attenborough can.  Folks, it’s English.  They had it first.  Learn it. Love it. Stop creating unnecessary jobs for Hollywood actors.  BUT if you really need an “American-speaking” narrator, just call Morgan Freeman next time, ok?


~ by zuzu on November 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Say what? I can’t understand that funny talk.”

  1. At least it wasn’t Kevin Costner. Doesn’t he narrate all the Discovery Channel shows that have to do with the midwest? 🙂

  2. Great post! I loved it. Morgan Freeman is the best choice for this sort of thing, of course…you know, if the Brits must be replaced.

  3. Love it! They could call Dennis Haysbert, from THE UNIT….i think he is the also the guy on the allstate insurance commercials! I love his voice he could read the phone book to me!

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