To Whom It May Concern

While not in the habit of theft, I steal today’s post from Molly’s theme from yesterday.  Words that need, should (or not),  or want to be said that have been left unspoken.


…I miss the guy you were five years ago.  I’m not sure what happened, but you are no longer very nice.  I’m afraid you are being meaner to someone I love more when you are alone then when you are in front of others and that scares me.  Please stop.

…I am afraid that you are going to get hurt again and this time I’m not sure I’ll be able to pick up the pieces.  I wish you the best, but I don’t think you’re making a wise choice.

…You are my best friend and I love you with all my heart.  Sometimes I’m afraid something will happen and I’ll lose you and that makes me cry.  I love, love, love you. 

…I cannot wait for your stuffing at Thanksgiving, but not so much the Jell-O salad with the apple & walnut bits in it.  Sorry.

…Please stop peeing on our coats, our bed, or anywhere else that is not our lawn.  You are nearly a year and a half now and need to learn to ask when you need to go out. (before you call the authorities, this one is to a dog)

…You are not a teenager.  You are a grown woman and you should really start acting like one.  Quit the drama.  Quit dating someone who is young enough to be your son and who doesn’t love you back.  And really….hip hop music ALL day, every day??

…It may be time that you picked up a copy of the book “He’s Just Not Into You.” Here…this will help.

…I know about your secret relationship. You don’t think I know, but I know. 

…I would appreciate it very much if you would let me know if I have to work this weekend.  We’re all just waiting on you to decided.  What’s the hold up?

…You are the best and I’m so glad we’ve remained friends after college.  I know I can always turn to you and that is such a comforting feeling.  I’ll always be there to pick you up if I find you lying in front of a police car…hypothetically speaking, of course.

Be friends with each other.  It’s the one bond you’ll have forever and ever.  You may find at times you feel like opposites, but I bet you’ll find that you’re yin & yang. 

coming tomorrow:  Before & After:  Elizabeth gets a hair makeover.  ooooo…..ahhhhh… exciting!


~ by zuzu on November 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “To Whom It May Concern”

  1. Wow…this was good stuff. Kind of hoping I’m not on it — at least in some of the parts! 🙂 Happy T-Day!

  2. Nice post!

  3. Oooh juicy. And makeover!!! Ooooh!

  4. I love it! WOW! I may have to steal this too!

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