Skunks! Skunks!

Oh, how wonderful to have had 4 whole days off in a row!

Thanksgiving was lovely. W & I went to my parents’ house with my sister and her family.  With Evan present, you can only imagine the laughter that ensued because as always there too many gems to keep track of. 

I’d like to share my personal favorite from the table conversation.

Carrie:  Evan, tell Auntie E about the thing in the dining room that scared you.

Evan:  (immediately animated) I was going to the potty and there were horns.  (holds arms straight up over his head and spreads fingers)

Me:  Really?  What were they?

Evan:  Skunks!!

Me:  You have skunks in your dining room with horns?

Evan:  Yeee-ah!!

Me:  Wow.  Real skunks?  Do they smell?

Evan: No.

Me: What do they look like?

Evan: They are gorgeous.  Really, really gorgeous.

Me: (completely at a loss because I have NO idea what he’s talking about)  Oh.  Really?  What are they again?

Evan:  (agitated) Skunks! Skunks! (all the while with his arms up)

Carrie:  (intervening)  Bud, where are they?

Evan:  On the wall in the dining room.  Skunks!

It all came together for me then.  Skunks on the wall in the dining room. 

Or for the rest of the world, sconces on the wall in the dining room.

So I asked my sister why her sconces have antlers and she replied that it’s because they are candelabras. 

Ah….makes sense now.  This is not the first time Evan has seen things that have frightened him.  He thought the curtain in Matthew’s bedroom was an elephant. 


~ by zuzu on November 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Skunks! Skunks!”

  1. kids are great! Love the story! 🙂

  2. haha kids are so funny.

  3. Skunks, sconces, same thing! 🙂

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