Welcome to my nightmare.

I’ve been lazy and I apologize.  I think with the long weekend – and using that as an excuse although it’s not a good one – I got out of my habit of posting.  Don’t take it personally.

The last few days – since the weekend really – I’ve been thinking a lot about boats.  Not just in general.  Wade was thinking about purchasing another boat and we took a road trip to check it out.  That consisted of me getting out of the truck, looking at the boat, saying ‘nice boat.  It’s looks like the keel is rotting’, making a mental note to myself of ‘go you, you used the word keel‘, and then getting back in the truck and reading for 4 hours while Wade worked on the boat.  The final result – he didn’t want to boat (one reason: the keel was rotting!).

So I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I don’t like boats.  The phrase “I don’t ‘do’ boats” comes out of my mouth frequently.  More than one would expect, but I am married to a boat builder.  I get seasick, I feel out of control, the swaying is unsettling, etc.  However, I do LOVE the water – go figure. 

Anyway, Wade has the same affliction with boats as he has with Land Rovers.  He just keeps collecting them.  And being the loving, caring, wonderful wife I am, I feel felt I should humor him and go out on these things once in awhile. 

A couple years ago he acquired a sloop and it was docked in a marina about 50 miles away from where it needed to be docked.  We decided that this jaunt I could handle.  50 miles in a car only takes about 45 minutes so a boat ride shouldn’t be that much longer, right?  Oh, hehhhhh-ck no.  ‘Cause in cars you go miles per hour and on boats you do these silly things called knots and they aren’t fast and we topped out at about 7 knots

The night before I put on my scope patch to help with my seasickness.  It made me nauseous.

It was an hour drive to the boat…rig her all up…and we’re ready to go.  We sailed and motored the entire way.  At about the 4 hour mark, when I was pretty sure I was gonna die, I began to consider the pros and cons of swimming to shore.  It wasn’t that far. 

The scope patch did not work.  I think it made me worse.  But I hung in there.  I steered the boat (as much as one can steer a boat because you use a tiller) Wade dealt with the sails.  That made me nervous and I was afraid he’d fall in and then what was I supposed to do?? 

At about hour 8 we approached a point where I recognized a building on the coast and I was super excited.  I knew that building!  That building was only 10 miles (give or take) from our destination. Weeeeeeee!  We’re almost done.

Nope.  It was the wrong building. 

We had another 15 miles. Tears ensued.

About hour 9, after much choppiness and what I was sure was the point Wade was going to fall in, we reached the mouth of the channel to our final port.  More tears ensued, but these were of joy.  The end was in sight.

It was just a short trip up the channel and to the drawbridge.

Dang.  We missed the opening.  We had to sit in front of the drawbridge for another HOUR(!!!!) until it opened again.  It was dark now, by the way. 

FINALLY….the home stretch….I can see our dock….. oh, sweet world, there is dry land…  and I lived! 

1. I was land-sick for the remainder of the evening.
2. I will not be partaking on any future sails on this vessel
3.  We’re selling the boat on Saturday. 

Blue = my fancy use of nautical terms


~ by zuzu on November 28, 2007.

7 Responses to “Welcome to my nightmare.”

  1. Nice usage of keel!

  2. I LOVE IT! Great use of nautical terms for a land girl!
    You are a great wife to do that!!

  3. Very impressed with your nauticalness.

  4. ” I get seasick, I feel out of control, the swaying is unsettling, etc. However, I do LOVE the water – go figure. ”

    Are we the same person? I think so. I don’t do boats either. Michael, however, loves them. Sigh.

  5. This is so interesting. I love the ocean, so I bought a sailboat after we moved here. You know, we kayak like crazy, so I thought… what the heck, let’s buy a sailboat. I learned to sail, sort of… But I prefer kayaking. I can’t explain why.

  6. I never knew this about you! You are a very patient spouse indeed!

  7. HUGS! You need hugs! and booze? pls do tell == what IS Wades reaction to this? oh – one word of advice I like to throw at my husband… “POWER BOATS only, dear.” BIG motors….

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