At least she has her looks.

Mabel.  Oh, Mabel.  What am I going to do with you. 

I thought you were doing so well.  You went almost 2 whole days without peeing on the floor…or the bed…or anywhere other than our lawn.  I event put down a pee pad for you next to the spot you frequent most and you went on that.  I was so proud. 

So why do you have to make me so angry?

Why did you do what you did?

I followed you up the stairs and you were running.  A girl with a mission. 

I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  So much thought put into the details of this “present” you left.  First you grabbed a light-colored sweater that had been previous wrapped in its catalog shipment plastic.  You brought it to the center of the bed and opened the bag.  Then you pulled the sweater out and created The Spot.  How did you manage to pee in the exact center of the sweater? 

My next question, my dear little cutie, is where did you find that fabulous bar of soap?  You know, the one that you brought on the bed as well. The one that you took out of its packaging.  This would be the same soap that you then proceeded to chew into teeny tiny pieces. 

And how thoughtful of you to wrap the soap in the sweater.  How did you do that without thumbs?

Mabel, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have yelled at you and called you a little s***.  But, really??  You’re 10 years old (in dog years…1 and 1/2 in real years).  It’s time to get the puppy-ness out of your system.  Your looks are only gonna get you so far.


“oooo! is that something I can pee on???”


~ by zuzu on December 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “At least she has her looks.”

  1. Ooooh she is so lucky she’s cute.

    REALLY cute.

  2. That was a really funny story. If you’re interested, my blog has some other stories about my dog and puppy. Check it out!

  3. Looks like Mabel has a lot of time on her hands. But she is really cute! 🙂

  4. Oh man. A new sweater? Damn. And the soap? Lucky she didn’t ingest it or she might have left more than wee-wee on the new sweater…

    She is adorable, though. How could you stay mad with that face?

  5. AWWW she is soo cute! Just showing how smart she is, she brought the soap to clean the sweater she messed on…..

  6. And that…is why we don’t have a dog. She IS very cute, but oh my gosh.

  7. Thank you for curing me of my puppy fever. Much appreciated!

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