Second installment of people I’ve seen

Saturday night at a hip little spot in Hyannis, I was able to put my people watching skills into overdrive.  Besides sitting in a casino and watching those critters, I have rarely been exposed to such a crowd as on this occasion.  Maybe it’s being a local in a tourist town, but when I was in that position, I don’t believe anyone ever sat back to watch me – at least not considering me as the evening’s entertainment.

So with that, I give you a second installment of people watching (for the first installment, go here).

Can You Hear Me Now?

Two guys walk into the restaurant together and are seated at the same table.  They proceed to talk loudly on their cell phones.  Midway through their conversation they switch phones.  I was speculating as to whether or not they were chatting with each other.  They were there for some time and they never once spoke to each other or hung up their phones.  What is wrong with people?

Puffy Coat No-No

Puffy coat – something I don’t fully understand to begin with.  Does a puffy coat keep you warmer?  I would be too distracted by the extra coat that makes me look fat versus enjoying the warmth it provides.  Anyway, this lady to puffy coat to a whole new level:  The Belted Puffy Coat.  It was just plain wrong.  Her coat was black and went only to her waist (didn’t cover her bum at all).  She then took it upon herself – I assume, because who would design such a thing??? – to put a wide belt around her actual waist, creating the snowman effect. 

Excuse Me, I Believe You Forgot Your Pants

This not-so-thin woman came in wearing leggings. That were too small.  With Uggs.  ‘Nuff said. 

He’s Going Down!

There we were (sadly I had my back to the room) when I hear some commotion from behind me and Wade says, “he’s going down! He’s going down!”  So I turn around to watch this very tall gentleman at the bar fall in extreme slow motion off of his bar stool.  The lady next to him is trying to help him but her companion is saying “just let him go!” So she does.  Down he goes.  In an instant he pops back up and is leaning on the bar and hitting that woman who just tried to save him.  Phew, he’s not having a diabetic attack or anything, he just lost his balance.  No.  Not being able to hear the man, we were unaware that he was verging on alcohol poisoning.  He soon gave up his quest to win this woman over.  I hear Wade say “He’s going down again!” (with glee) and I turn around to watch the man almost fall over as he’s trying to simply turn away from the bar and walk to the door (he was already standing!).  He stumbled away.  I looked out the window some time later and saw him stumbling down the street.  Much hilarity ensued.


~ by zuzu on December 10, 2007.

5 Responses to “Second installment of people I’ve seen”

  1. Regarding the puffy coat: JCrew now sells a belted puffy coat for something like $200. ridiculous. and ugly! But even worse to self-belt. Shudder!

  2. Gosh, I was afraid you were going to say that Going-Down-Man got in a car and drove away! Hopefully, he didn’t have far to walk. I mean stagger… Airports are the BEST for people-watching, too…

  3. HILARIOUS!!! I stayed late at work just to finish reading this til the end. Can’t wait to share it with hubby on the ride home.

  4. I have seen the J Crew puffy belted coat and it IS bad.

    And people falling down is, to me, one of the funniest things in the world. As long as it’s not a life/death situation kind of thing.

  5. Belted coats, leggings! OMG these people sound as if they need a make over from TLC!!! great post!

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