Oh, Christmas Tree

I don’t have a Christmas tree yet.

Every year Wade and I take a ride up into our back woods on the tractor.  Sometimes it’s like a hayride, minus the hay, and the trailer is hooked to the trailer. (uh-huh, I live on a farm, remember?)  We drive around and find our Christmas tree.  Then out comes the chainsaw and down comes the tree. 

The trees all resemble one out of a Charlie Brown Christmas versus one out of Christmas Vacation with squirrels flying out of it.  But never fear, my handy husband fixes that!  He cuts off excess branches (from the back or bottom since the tree is usually WAY too tall for our house), then he drills holes into the trunk and sticks the excess branches in them. 

Viola!  A full and healthy(looking) tree! 

Last weekend we were away and this weekend we’ll be away, so we don’t have any time until the following weekend to cut down a tree.  Stupid daylight savings time prevents us from getting home from work prior to all daylight being sucked from our day, so we can’t do it during the week.  Wade suggested we get up early one morning and cut it down before work.  After I’ll pulled myself out of fits of hysterical laughter, I said, “yeah…..no.” 

Anyway, now we’re stuck.  Do we stick with our tradition and wait until 3 days before Christmas to get and put up the tree?  Or do we cave and just buy a Home Depot tree (which I’ve heard are just lovely)? 

What do you think?


~ by zuzu on December 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Oh, Christmas Tree”

  1. Why not just go to a local tree place? There’s a little farm near us that cuts them and then you look around and pick. That’s what we did!

  2. go to geer farm up 395….you get an awesome tree and a tractor ride!

  3. Depends how long you can stand not having a tree–I’d say get one elsewhere! Ours is finally up and smells so good!

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