Counting down the minutes

I’m getting that antsy feeling. You know the feeling you had the last day of school before winter break?  I have that now, except that I still have 2 1/2 days more of work before my break of eleven days off (of which I only have to use three vacation days!!!!). 

 The parties officially start tomorrow with my work party.  It’s my first one with the company and I suspect it’ll be a fancier affair than I’m used too.  Thankfully I am prepared with a new dress and, of course, matching shoes. 


(except in blue)


I’m very pleased with this new ensemble. 

Following that party, I do have to return to work on Friday morning, but it’s a half day, so I suspect that we will all have a similar low level of productivity.  Upon our early dismissal, we are all heading across town for a good-bye party for a colleague.  I’ll have to make an early departure because Wade’s Christmas party is that night. 

Wade’s party is the exact opposite of mine.  I can wear jeans, and it is probably recommended that I kept my winter coat on since it is – for all intents and purposes – outside.  It’s potluck (I LOVE potluck) and it’s BYOB.  It is such a good time. Too bad Wade doesn’t really want to go.  I’ll have to work on persuading him. 

But for now I have to sit tight and wait for the 2 1/2 days to slowing crawl along.  I just keep thinking about all the fun-ness that is going to start up and I feel like I’m a five year old on Christmas Eve. 

I love this feeling. 


~ by zuzu on December 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Counting down the minutes”

  1. you will be gorgeous — in the dress and in jeans. And i know the feeling.

  2. You already know my thoughts on the outfit. LOVE.

  3. Your dress is beautiful! And the shoes are great!

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