Does this mean I’m old?

I’m in SO much pain right now.  SO, so, so, so much pain. 

I threw my back out or something of the like.  How did I do that, you may be asking.  Well, honestly I’m not sure. 

I think it all started when I picked up a laundry basket.  I may have not used my knees, rather lifted with my lower back followed by a twisting motion. 

Moral:  I should never do laundry again.

Then I think I perpetuated the injury by trying to bathe a 100-pound snow dog who despises water.  I had one hand on her collar and the other was trying to lather, rinse, repeat as fast as I could so I could end this torture. 

Moral:  I should never bathe a dog over 20 pounds without at least 3 assistants.

So here I am sitting with impeccable posture and doing my best not to yelp out in pain with every movement.  I have on my little heating pad thingy and I’ve taken Aleve, but so far the pain is getting worse, not better.

I’m sure my mother would tell you that it’s because of my shoes.  She doesn’t approve of the heels that I wear on a daily basis.  But I was wearing flats when carrying the laundry basket and while bathing Alex.  It’s not the shoes.  I’m sure of it.  To be safe though, I did wear flats today. 

I have every intention of wearing heels tonight to the party.  It’s called a “compromise.”


~ by zuzu on December 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Does this mean I’m old?”

  1. Hi, do we have the mom? I think so.

    And also, oh no! Get a massage if you can. It will help. xoxo

  2. Yes, skip the laundry and wear the heels. But bring flat, just in case!

  3. So sorry sweetie. Neck and backache(s) are awful.

    I keep thinking that if I got back into shape those aches / pains would happen less often? So far it has not been enough motivation for me…

    Maybe a New Year’s resolution… We could start a Girl’s Wknd Club for doing something healthy and fun… No laundry… I promise!


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