Another shout out!

I hope that this becomes a regular occurrence.  It is so refreshing to have those little experiences that just brighter ones day.  I shouted out awhile back about the nice guy who helped me in the snow storm.  Today I’m shouting out to another wonderful person.

Yesterday Wade and I were out running errands and we stopped to get a sandwich.  While waiting for our sandwich, we decided to check out other stores in the miniature strip mall.  A Chinese restaurant, a Subway (not where we went), a smoke shop (yeah….no) and a flower shop.  Ooooo!  Flowers!  I love flowers!  I jokingly said to Wade that he could buy me flowers and he thought that was a good idea. 

The shop was closed though. Oh well.  Next time.  As we walked away from the shop, the door opened and a nice young lady in her jeans and sweatshirt poked her head out and asked if we wanted to come in.  I said, “Oh, thank you, but we don’t want to bother you when you’re closed.”  She was rather insistent and said it was no bother and we should come in and look around.  So we did. 

We were greeted by here three wonderful cats.  One who instantly attached himself to Wade – he must have known that there was a good ear scribble in it for him (the cat, not Wade).  I looked around and was checking out the flowers. It never even crossed my mind that we could buy anything since the shop was closed. 

The nice lady said she had just got a shipment in that morning and they were in the back “processing”. (floral lingo?)  She took me in the back and said I could select from there.  I chose some lavender giant spray mums and some purple tulips.  She bundled them with matching tissue and a beautiful ribbon and she rang us out (and it was NOT expensive!).

The whole experience was just so nice.  Nice lady, nice cats, nice shop, nice flowers.  And we both left with a smile on our faces and knowing that we would definitely return to that shop for flower purchases.

So a shout out to the nice lady!  Have a beautiful day!


~ by zuzu on January 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Another shout out!”

  1. Complete 180 from my pizza experience. I love stories like this!! Gives me hope for customer service, and for people in general. Sounds like your flowers were beautiful.

  2. AWW!!! That was so nice to hear! Enjoy your flowers!

  3. aww, that sounds like you had the freshest deal of flowers.

  4. I wonder if you would send flowers to a florist to say thanks for being so darn cool and nice? Probably not. But maybe chocolate. I say, keep the nice deeds going… Perhaps more positive, fabulous things will bounce around the universe!


  5. Love the nice flower lady story! Is she around here?

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