Watch dogs

Last night Wade and I went to pick up a truck that he just purchased.  When he brought it home, he pulled it in through the side yard and up behind our barn where he proceeded to check it out some.  I went in to let the dogs out while he was examining the truck. 

Mabel came out first and assessed the situation.  Watching the little beagle wheels turn… Hmmm…Dad’s truck is right there and there’s another large beast up in the field.  Where is Dad?  This must be a stranger.  I shall be huge and eat it!!  “Grrrrrrrrrr!”

Alex came out and assessed the situation. Hmmm…Dad’s truck is right there and there is another large beast up in the field.  I’m frightened.  I should probably stay back and ‘protect’ Mom in case the beast comes down here.  (she proceeds to lean against me)

Mabel: Grrrrrrrr! Arf! Arf! I’m HUGE and I’ll kill  you!!!! Pay no attention to my tail between my legs.  I’m just doing that so you think I’m not huge, but I’m HUGE!!!!!

Alex (leaning): *whimper*

Mabel:  Grrrrrrrrr! Get off our land you monster! Have I mentioned how huge I am?? 

Alex started to rethink her place in this attack.  Hmmmm…being the bigger dog, maybe I should be out there protecting my little sister.  She cautiously moved up the hill.

Alex: Woof!  Woof!

(me:  wow!  Alex has NEVER barked in her life!)

This goes on for a bit until the “beast” returns the growl and starts heading down the hill.  It was dark enough the Alex didn’t recognize her own father as he approached.  She let out a little yelp and then began to run down the hill.  At which point she tripped and rolled down the hill, ended up on her back and was stuck like a turtle on its back.  It was HILARIOUS! 

Mabel saw Wade and immediately jumped all over him telling him what a good guard dog she is.  “It was so scared, Dad.  You know why??  ‘Cause I’m HUGE!”


As a reminder:  Mabel’s on the left, Alex is on the right. 


~ by zuzu on January 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Watch dogs”

  1. That’s a funny story. I really enjoyed it.

  2. I love dogs! Aren’t they the best?! Yes, of course. Cats are cool, too, but dogs PROTECT.

  3. Hilarious! She actually rolled down the hill? What did she do when she realized it was indeed, dad?

  4. I love “have I mentioned how HUGE I am”. haha So cute!

  5. Um, another truck?!

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