Sometimes you just need reliability. And here it is.

Taking a cue from the editor of Real Simple, I started thinking about those things in my life that 100% reliable.  Fail safe.  Dependable.  Solid.  The Rocks that keep me sane.  So I’m sharing with you thing things that I can always, always count on and then I’m going to tag some folks to get their lists as well.  Enjoy!  (oh, any by the way, people I tag, this blog better be on your list! 🙂 )

1.  Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream ~ It smells like lemons…good enough to eat and it does amazing things for my nails. 

2.  Kissing Chloe on the top of her head ~ she’s the cleanest kitty ever and her head is so soft and she always smells so good.  Plus, she’s my baby!

3.  Hearing “In My Life” by the Beatles ~ I danced to this song with my dad as the father-daughter wedding dance.  Although it makes me cry (EVERY time!) it makes me so happy.

4.  Groth Savignon Blanc ~ Crisp, dry, not too fruity.  Oh, it’s the best for a hot day.  Or a cold day.  It’s so, so good.

5. ~ All the shoes I could ever want.  I can buy them, have them shipped free the next day and if, on the off chance I don’t like them in person, I can send them back for free.  It’s like shoe shopping in a store without all the stupid people. 

6.  The Jayhawks, Rainy Day Music ~ Hands down, one of the best CDs ever

7.  My pewter hair clip ~ It matches everything.  It holds all of my hair without showing any signs of weakness (and I have a LOT of hair!).  Plus, my best friend, Jen stole it from Filene’s Basement in 1997 when I needed a classy hair clip to match my first power suite. It is still going strong over 10 years later.

8.  Yaki Maki sushi roll from Go Fish in Mystic, CT.  It’s a twist on a California roll…it has smoked salmon on top that is slightly warmed.  Good God, it is the BEST.

9.  Lily of the Valley ~ My favorite scent and it always has a calming effect on me. 

10. L’Oreal Nature’s Blush Lipstick ~ Honestly, ladies, this shade looks good on everyone.  And it matches everything. 

11.  Cuisinart Emulsion Stick Blender ~ Very versatile.  It’s good for whipping cream, making meringue, gazpacho…basically anything that needs to be blended or whipped.  Awesome.  Love it.

12.  Pasta with butter & salt ~ My go-to meal.  If there is nothing else in the house (or even if the house is loaded with food) this is my favorite meal. 

With that….now I’d like to hear from:  Anna, Mike, Molly, CuriousC, & Hallie!


~ by zuzu on January 10, 2008.

9 Responses to “Sometimes you just need reliability. And here it is.”

  1. So agree about the Burt’s Bees. I am addicted. And Loreal… Haven’t really had much of that line, but recently tried some super moisture formula and decided it is one of my faves!

  2. I love zappos!

    Never had the pasta w/ butter and salt, but will have to try.

  3. tagged? ugh! i’m so far behind in tags…but i kind of like this one, so i think i’ll get to it before the others!

  4. it is so nice to have things you can lean on!!

  5. Howdy! SOOOO many things on your list that I have not even experienced! (I’m geeky? old? maybe…) But I think I might have to run over to Mystic and check out #8… I DO have Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb.

  6. […] thing I have blogging-buddies to tag me…   Elizabeth at “Wearing Stilettos and Living On A Farm” has requested I share my FAVORITEs, my ‘reliables’, my MUST-HAVES-cuz they never […]

  7. I know, I like this tag, too, I need to do some thinking…

  8. […] 25, 2008 by itsallabouthallie Okay Over at Elizabeth’s Place she has tagged me!  And well life and been C.R.A.Z.Y. to say the least. I just want a quiet weekend […]

  9. I did it! Phew it was harder than i thought! Thanks for tagging me!

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