My Maxx Moments + 1 other

There is a TJ Maxx by my house and, I swear, every time I go there something odd happens to me.  I always have my own Maxx Moment. It’s not one of the greatest TJ Maxx’s so I don’t go often, but I’m beginning to think I should just “test” the store to see if it’s the store or me or just a coincidence.

The first time I went was about four years ago.  This was shortly after I had moved in with Wade and I was super excited that there was a TJ’s so close to our house.  YAY!!  I walked into the store and who is there to greet me at the door? Crazy herself.  Face-to-face with the the ex.  There she was in all her glory and, although we hadn’t met, we both knew exactly who the other one was.  I decided that maybe trip number one would be a short one.  I took a quick spin around the store and then immediately ran to my car to call my mom. 

The second time, I scanned the lot for Crazy’s car.  It wasn’t there. Phew.

I did some clothes shopping and, of course, shoe shopping, and then I headed back to housewares.  One can always find a clearance “must-have” item.  I was standing in the aisle and made note (barely) of a couple – about my age – approaching an older lady.  This is the conversation that followed:

Couple: Hi, (Mary)!  It’s good to see you!  How are you?

Mary: How am I?  HOW. AM. I?  (now yelling) I’M ANGRY!!!!!!!!!! 

Mary then proceeded to tell them how she lost her job to some teenage girl who didn’t know anything and wore clothes that didn’t cover her up.  On and on and on. 

Me, being the nonchalant gal I am, decided that I would just continue to hang out in the aisle and listen to this saga.  I chose another spot so I could get a good look.  The look on the couple’s faces was priceless.  Clearly they fully regretted asking Mary how she was. 

(Mary ended up in line behind me and purchased a $5 denim jumper.)

Time number three was my favorite. 

I was in my favorite section.  Shoes.  I was admiring this amazing pair of Liz Claiborne pumps.  They were beige with a patent red leather trim & heel and a peep toe.  Oh, they were so lovely.  The lady next to me was looking at the same pair. 

Mental note while looking at the wonderful shoes:  Wow, that lady is really tall!

I made the mental note because it’s odd to have a woman taller than I am.  I’m 5′ 11″ barefoot, so this was a pretty tall woman.  She was significantly taller than I was.  I decided to check her out in my periphery. 


AH!! This is no tall woman.  This is A MAN. 

Me and the man in drag (with the ankle tattoo and a really bad blond wig)…diggin’ the same Liz shoes.  Nice. 

So that leads me to Tuesday.  I was running some errands and I purposely didn’t go to TJ’s.  Not that I couldn’t handle another oddity, but I didn’t want to risk messing up my streak.  How disappointing it would be to go there and have a normal visit!

I went to Borders though.  As I left the store I was behind a very tall woman.  I looked down, as to avoid a big puddle, and made note that these were not the ankles of a tall woman.  These tattooed ankles were that of a man. 

With a quick up and down scan – noting the bad blond wig – I determined that this was, in fact, the SAME man in drag from TJ’s!  Seriously, what are the odds?


~ by zuzu on January 17, 2008.

8 Responses to “My Maxx Moments + 1 other”

  1. I SO love TJ Maxx for the shoes. The one here always has some great finds.

    And, the Crazy?? Why doesn’t she just go away?

    When I worked retail at a shoe store, back in the day, we had a (fe)male customer come in to buy very large sized women’s shoes. We called him/her She-man. He/she was always pretty nice, tho.

  2. You should have a contest. Like, where will the tattooed one turn up next? OMG.

    Do you remember the Burkie? The gent that used to show up in our offices in the ridiculous color coordinated disasters? OMG.


  3. This is the best story ever. I never have Maxx moments! I usually leave there frustrated because I think the Marshalls near me has better shoes.

  4. Great post. I’ll be quietly pscyho laughing to myself all day.

  5. that’s some funny stuff. good times.

  6. That is hilarious. Can’t WAIT to hear about your next Maxx Moment!

  7. not that i work at a TJ Maxx or anything…hmmm…but try spending five hours there! crazy stories 🙂 hopefully you have found some good deals mixed in there with the crazy stories–regardless I loved reading them–keep up the Maxx moments!!!!!!

  8. Maxximum Awesomeness. I always find I can get some of the greatest life experiences in the most normal of places.

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