This rocks my world!

Can we just put all seriousness aside for a moment and talk about the greatest television show ever created? It does wonders for ones self esteem, making you realize that you are, in fact, smart, beautiful, funny, not a whore, not a fool, not something that should be set out on the curb on trash day. 

What show you may ask (if you haven’t yet figured it out)?

Rock of Love.  And now, Rock of Love 2.  The greatest TV show. Ever. 


Bret Michaels on the Bachelor with 15 hussies.  What could be better????

Here are some of my favorite things about the show (besides the aforementioned wonderful things it does for my self-esteem):

* Love didn’t “work out” so well in round 1, so Bret signed on for a 2nd season.  This is when he’s going to find Ms. Right….I can feel it!
* If one were so inclined they could play a drinking game based on taking a drink when ever Bret says “awesome” or “beautiful ladies” or whenever Bret kisses one of his women.
* You can plan ‘Man or Woman’ with some of the “beautiful ladies” he is courting.
* Big John
* Not only is it trashy, but you can learn a lot about diabetes care since Bret likes to discuss that a lot.  He also chooses a mate based on which one is less likely to keep him from slipping into a diabetic coma.
* It give one hope (should one need it) that you really can find true love on a reality show.  ALL these ladies are IN LOVE with Bret.
* At least once an episode, Bret will since Every Rose Has Its Thorn.
 Bret’s catchy phrase for keeping or booting his chicks. “Will you stay and continue to rock my world?” or “Your tour ends here.”  It’s cheesy!  I LOVE it! 
* Bret fully convincing the tour-ended-here girls that “in another time, another place, we really could have something special.” 

I feel so bad for the girls, but it makes me so happy that they make me feel so good about my self (not that I needed THAT much help). 

I encourage you all to add this show to your line-up if you haven’t already. It’s awesome.  You won’t regret how it’ll rock your world.  You may even be inspired to break out your 80s bandanna. And, men, how about your eyeliner?  Bret does it, shouldn’t you?


~ by zuzu on January 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “This rocks my world!”

  1. My friend and I were discussing the beauty of this show yesterday at lunch!

    “* You can plan ‘Man or Woman’ with some of the “beautiful ladies” he is courting.” YESSSSS!!

  2. I love Rock of Love for all the reasons you listed above. I can’t tell which classy ladies I like more the ones from season 1 or from season 2. I do have to say that Inna and Angelique are the two scariest ones I have seen. Also I just read somewhere that Flavor Flav will be back with his third season on Feb. 11th. Oh goodness, I can hardly wait!

  3. Love, love, love, LOVE ROL2. Love. We will have much to discuss on Monday!

  4. Dear God, what is this horror show you speak of? I’ve seen commercials, but have no point of reference. I’m totally intrigued. Cable? Basic for losers w/o cable?

    Must tell me more…

  5. I’m so glad you did this! Molly hadn’t watched episode two yet…and I almost spilled to her. This season is sooo much better than season one — and that’s almost impossible.

    Best quote ever?

    I learned so much about life from myspace!

  6. I just can’t bring myself to watch. Bad. But I love your drinking game idea!

  7. […] great entertainment Have any of you been exposed to the new greatest show on earth (Rock of Love excluded, of course)?  My Big Redneck Wedding.  I think the title says it all, but you cannot even begin […]

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