Copy cat.

I hope Molly doesn’t mind, but her post today really struck a nerve.  It doesn’t take much to hit that nerve.  It’s the anxiety nerve.  It’s practically fully exposed on a daily basis, so anything can set it off.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an anxious person.  I worry about everything whether it deserves to be worried about or not.  I will lie awake and worry about things and make them far worse in my head than they are in real life. 

When I was younger, I had trouble in English call with the comprehension portion of reading assignments.  Remember when you’d have to read three paragraphs and then answer a questions?  Such as, how many times did Eddie wash his dog?  I immediately started thinking about the times he washed the dog prior to this being written and how many times he would was the dog.  My mom, frustrated only because I was making it harder on myself, told me that I had to stop overthinking it.  I couldn’t stop.  I overthink EVERYTHING!

Yesterday I had lunch with my dad.  My newly retired dad.  I think he thinks he has too much time in his life now and he’s slightly overwhelmed with the newness of this free time.  He fills it with worry.  At least I know where I get it.  I decided to share with him my plan for the next year – hoping that maybe I can encourage him to do the same.

I’m making a change. 

In August I’m going to be 30. I’m not at all freaked out about turning 30 or getting older…I guess that might be the one thing I don’t worry about!  But I’ve made the decision that I’ve been too worried, too scared, too anxious, too everything for my first 30 years, and I do not want my next 30+++ years to be that way. 

So, I’m getting help. I’m going here.

Things I plan to conquer in my new quest are:

**getting over emetophobia (that is first & foremost as it horribly impacts my life on a daily basis)
**upon doing that, I’m hoping that will wipe out many other anxieties as they are closely linked
**accepting that what is going to happen is going to happen and I can either accept it or not, BUT worrying about it isn’t going to change a thing

These are huge goals.  If you’re not anxious person or not one to worry, you may not understand – and frankly, I’m jealous of you!!  For those of you who experience what I experience – daily, weekly, monthly… – I’m sorry and if I can conquer it, I’m sure you can too. 

Wish me luck….


~ by zuzu on January 29, 2008.

10 Responses to “Copy cat.”

  1. You? Are awesome. And I know you can do it 🙂

  2. Good luck!

  3. Hey. Good luck with this. Looking back, I must have been a nightmare for you when I came to visit. I had all kinds of odd stomach problems and I was always throwing up. Remember the no food after 7 pm rule? Sorry about that.

  4. I’d really like to hear more about your journey with getting treatment. My mother is a disaster of dysfunction and one of the reasons I’ve never had children is the fear of this gene passing down to yet another generation. There… I’ve said it.

  5. Did I ever mention I’m on Team Elizabeth? I am totally making a t-shirt for it now…you are fabulous!

  6. Sign me up, I’m on that team, too.
    That sounds amazing, and tough, but I bet you can do it.

  7. I stumbled upon your blog, and I can completely relate to this post. I spend a HUGE amount of time worrying over everything. I have been trying to change my thinking on many things, but its a long hard process and I wish you lots of luck. Anything you can do to make some worries go away is better. I would really like to hear about anything that works for you. I have tried lots of different things, but I always like to hear some new ideas.

  8. Hey you are AWESOME!!

  9. Good luck and lots of all the good things!

  10. […] when my emetophobia is gone (see? positive attitude – I’m going to kick this!) and my general anxiety is reduced or gone.  I’ll take whatever I can […]

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