Running like crazy

For my few loyal readers, I owe you an apology and explanation. I’m sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  Basically, I’m an right out flat with work and my creative juices just aren’t flowing. 

 This post is a cop out.  I’m posting without posting.  But I can’t come up with anything that would be remotely interesting…

Ok.  I am officially the worst blogger ever.  Please take note that the sentences (and 1/2) above were written two days ago.  I am only now getting a chance to return to the blog scene and explain to all of you where I’ve been.  Not that you really care, but I have blog guilt.  I think about it daily and try to block my mind from anything work-related to come up with something spectacular and witty or at least something somewhat un-boring.

How am I doing?

Let me give you some bullet points on the past week and then some:

** I’ve worked non-stop.  When I’m not working, I’m watching TV because that’s all I have energy for.

** Wade is writing and article for WoodenBoat Magazine.  I’ll let you know when it’s published. I’m pretty psyched for him and I’ll be so proud of him when he is a published author. 

** I made a pan of lasagna that could probably feed a small army.  It was really spectacular if I may say so myself. 

Blah.  This is boring.  I’m boring myself. 

What do you want to hear about?  I’m sure I could come up with something better if I was giving a little brain jumpstart.  Can you help me out?

Sorry that this is such a bad post.  Don’t be mad.  Please?

And unrelated – how come when you run spellcheck in a blog it doesn’t recognize the word “blog”. That seems wrong to me.  Just sayin’…


~ by zuzu on February 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “Running like crazy”

  1. I missed you. And I really like lasagna.

  2. Lasagna recipe, please! And go Wade! Non-boat people may not realize how awesome that is but as a former MS employee…GO WADE!

  3. Something about your shoe passion and shoe collection–perhaps you could introduce us to a few of your favorites.

    And you MUST have some good event stories to share, yes?

    How about travel or food adventures?

    And….everyone has some good junior high photos to share, yes?

  4. I personally would love a step by step post about your fantastic lasagna. As I said in my personal email to you…two things most important to me right now are A) Food B) your Blog.

    If you mixed these two together…OH MA GOODNESS!!! Girl, I think I could die a happy woman.

  5. Thanks for the update! and isn’t it interesting that even when you have nothing (you think!) to say, how much you can say?

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