Two years ago today

I am remarkably calm.  I sit with my best friend, Jen, on our couch and do my nails.  She is in charge of folding programs.  Wade is in charge of finishing the grommet for our rings.  We are watching bad TV.  I keep insisting on checking the Weather Channel as if me knowing what the weather is going to be will change it one way or the other. The Weather Channel threatens flurries, but how could it not in the middle of February. 

Flurries.  I can handle flurries.  No problem.

All the chores completed, we go our separate ways (i.e., different rooms in the house) to get ready.  Hair, make-up, nice outfit…but nothing fancy.  It is time to leave.

Wade and Jen go outside first.  I kiss the cats and the dog and I grab my suitcase.  One last look.  The next time I’m in this house I’ll have been Mrs. S for almost a week!

Off to Mum & Papa’s to greet all our friends and family who have come to celebrate this very special occasion. 

There is great food (Mexican-theme!) and wine and beer and lots of talk and lots of laughter.  Never once does my anxiety rear its ugly head.  Thank God. If anxiety was going to show up, this is the night it would happen.  But no.  This must be a good sign.  A great sign.

Carrie made our “wedding cake”.  Since we’re not having an official wedding cake, this is our cake – at my request.  I don’t want her to stress about it on the actual day, but I really want her to make the cake.  The peach schnapps cake.  Heaven. 

The night begins to wind down and we all need our rest.  Our friends will drive Wade back home and they are in charge of getting him to the “church” on time (so not a church).  When I say good-bye to him I cry.  (I still don’t know why.)

Up to my old room. 

Into my jammies.

Mum comes in to say good night.  She leaves me a pile of children’s books to read before I fall asleep.  One is a story about two bears getting married.  I cry again.

She tucks me in and we both cry through our grins

I’m getting married tomorrow.  I cannot wait.


~ by zuzu on February 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Two years ago today”

  1. So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Aww, happy anniversary! That sounds so romantic 🙂

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