February 19, 2006

To look outside, you would think that it would feel like April or May.  The sky is completely clear and the brightest of blues.  You’d be mistaken, however, because it is mid-February and therefore about 30 degrees.  But it just doesn’t matter.  Why?

(well, 2 years ago)

My day was fairly straight-forward.  A light breakfast (I was shocked I could eat!) and out the door to the hair salon.  Lynnette did my hair.  She’s been cutting my hair since I was 10 and she styled my hair for three proms and my sister’s wedding.  It only seemed appropriate that she style it today.  It was beautiful – curled lightly and partially pulled back.  And then the veil. 

By the time we got home it was lunch time.  Again eating was no problem.

Time to get dressed & do my make-up.  This process was ridiculous with the Spanx and the nylons and the make-up all over the bathroom and all the things a woman will do…   (I’m pretty sure Wade got up, took a shower and put on his suit)

The hardest part of the day happened next. 

I had to walk downstairs (where my photographer was waiting) and turn the corner into the living room.  Why was this so hard, you may ask.  Well, that’s where my father was waiting for me.  Through the tears and the laughs (thanks to David, the amazing photographer and on-site therapist) we all pulled ourselves together.  It was time to leave. 

Off went Mum, Carrie & Jen being driven my escort and brother-in-law, Vinny.

Next it was time for Papa and me.

We took the long route.  I held his hand and we rode quietly (for the most part) along the back roads and along the water.  Our driver was so nice and chatted some.  This was needed to keep my tears at bay.  As we approached Narragansett, I braced myself because I knew when we turned the corner I would see The Towers and I knew Wade was there and pretty soon we would be married.  It was so wonderful.  Papa squeezed my hand as we approached.  And I smiled as I’ve never smiled before.  This was going to be greatest day ever.


At 3:30 PM, I made my way up to the third floor.  I could hear the music begin and I knew Mum was crying but I couldn’t see her.  I made a mental note to take a deep breath and remember it all. Which I do.  I remember the walk down the aisle and having to pull on my dad’s arm because he was holding it so stiff it was awkward.  I remember passing friends and family and seeing wet eyes and giant smiles.  I remember seeing Richard, our officiant.  Then I remember seeing Wade and all the other people were gone for that moment. 

The ceremony was beautiful.  It sounded so different from the many times I had read it ahead of time.  I tried not to look at Kevin when he read the excerpt from The Velveteen Rabbit, so I looked at Wade and my mom instead.  (not a good choice….too many tears!!) 

Then there was the special ceremony.  We copied part of it from some friends.  It was a ring warming ceremony.  Our rings were on a grommet and passed to everyone who attended.  Each friend, family, love-one there touched the rings.  Then it was our turn.

“The circle is form without beginning or ending.  It is closed and self-contained.  Today is about beginning a new life, about being open to new experiences, about being connected with an intimacy and devotion that is your private world.  It is your special gift.  I ask that together you cut your rings free – so that a circle becomes a line – a line that will lead the two of you in a wonder-filled direction.  These rings, blessed and warmed by your family and friends, are the symbols of the vows here taken.  They mark the beginning of a long journey together, filled with wonder, surprises, laughter, tears, celebration, grief and joy.  May these rings reflect the warmth of the lives that flower through them today.  Two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle.”

Rings exchanged.  Vows given and received.

We were married.  And then the greatest part:

“And now, by the power vested in my by the state of Rhode Island, I pronounce you husband & wife.  It is my great joy to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Wade S.  Wade, you may kiss your bride.  Elizabeth, you may kiss your husband.”




~ by zuzu on February 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “February 19, 2006”

  1. Ok, I have tears! And your dress looks beautiful – more pictures, please!

  2. TEARS! So many tears! I love this story. Thank you so much for sharing.

    And Happy Anniversary!

  3. I vote for more pics too! 🙂

  4. So, so sweet. And you have DEPRIVED us of photos, those are not enough!

  5. AWW… I love it! BUT i agree! I would love to see more Pictures!!

  6. I had the great pleasure of being there…and it was fabulous. One of the coolest ceremonies ever. And, of course, one of the hottest brides!

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