Ok, ok….I’m SORRY I deprived you!

Evidently I was lacking with the photos during my last post.  Which actually works out great for me, because once again, I’m experience that annoying little thing called writer’s block.  So here you go!  Enjoy!


Wade & his pregnant best (wo)man with the popular “Watch Check” shot.


Mum & Papa “warming” our rings during the ceremony…this one always make me cry.
Us in front of The Towers.  It’s 20 degrees outside.  This is probably the best shot of my shoes…I really should have focused on getting a portrait of them… 



My best friend, Jen, my sister, Carrie & me.  Aren’t the flowers pretty??



Once again, water works.  Dancing with my dad to “In My Life” by The Beatles.



Wade & his mom dancing to “Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver.   



This is the interior of The Towers.  It’s just so beautiful (right Molly??). 



Um…yeah….desserts.  No official wedding cake.  Just LOTS of dessert.

~ by zuzu on February 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “Ok, ok….I’m SORRY I deprived you!”

  1. Mmm…the desserts. I remember the desserts. And the hot bride! 😉

  2. AWWW….it looks like a wonderful day! I love love love the pictures!!

  3. SO beautiful! Ah I can’t wait!!! You were such a stunning bride.

  4. You look beautiful! And those desserts look pretty tasty. I’m hungry.

  5. I wish you wouldn’t have shown the desserts. I can just taste the deliciousness.

    You look lovely btw 🙂

  6. Love the one of you two outside the most, you look so HAPPY! And beautiful!

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