CMT produces great entertainment

Have any of you been exposed to the new greatest show on earth (Rock of Love excluded, of course)?  My Big Redneck Wedding.  I think the title says it all, but you cannot even begin to imagine. 

Saturday I came home from work exhausted and I knew if I picked up a book I’d be out like a light, so I watched TV instead.  Skimming the preview guide, I see, oooo…what’s that?  A wedding show about rednecks?  I’m sure this will be entertainment!  Over to – what at the time I didn’t realize – was CMT. 

There’s only one thing I like more than trashy TV that makes me feel good about myself.  And that is a marathon of the shows.  This was my lucky day!  About two and a half episodes into this monstrosity, I began to text with my friend Lori who also loves marathons of trashy TV.  I couldn’t watch this and not share it with her!  Plus, Lori is getting married soon and I was fairly confident she could get some ideas (like having her mom drive her to the wedding on a John Deere while chugging a Big Gulp).

I would like to share some of my favorite moments and then, because you won’t believe this, you’ll have to check your local listings and watch it yourself.

**  The bride lost her teeth the morning of her wedding.  When she told her mom that she had lost her teeth, her mom’s response was “Want to borrow mine??”  (lucky for everyone involved, she found her teeth)

**  This same bride ordered her dress from the “Internets” and it was TWENTY sizes too small!

**  One couple got married all in camouflage.  Bride, groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids – all ca-mo.  It was hot.

**  Instead of doves, one couple decided to release chickens.  Those funny looking chickens with the spiky black & white feathers on it’s head.  Poor chickens are not very good flyers, so they just kind of thudded on the ground.

**  While visiting with their florist (who was NOT a redneck), the groom suggested they use Bud cans (the extra large ones) as centerpieces.  When she asked what he meant, he took his Bud out of the paperbag he was carrying and then cut a hole in the top and stuck hay in it.  The bride loved it.  The florist looked scared. 

**  Drinking all the Bud caught up with the guy so outside the florist he decided to pee in the street, where he then proceeded to spell his soon-to-be-wife’s name… (Nothing says I love you like spelling your name with urine in a public place.  That’s what I always say.  Wade says my name is too long though.)

But last, but certainly not least were the presents that were exchanged between bride and groom.  Here’s a sampling:

** a snake
** a pink rifle (for huntin’ squirrels!)
** a tattoo on his bum of the Wrangler jeans logo
** lingerie that came with lovely sheer robe.  He didn’t like the sleeves on the robe so his friend cut them off in the parking lot. 
** a pig butchering set
** a giant fishing lure

I strongly encourage you to watch this show.  You just won’t believe it ’til you see it!

I’d like to leave you with this:



~ by zuzu on February 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “CMT produces great entertainment”

  1. I LOVE this show. When Mike and I stumbled across it we were hooked. It’s so bad it’s good. Please tell me you saw the episode with the topless photos on the horse.

  2. Wow. Pig Butchering Set? Wow – how would you register for something like that?

  3. I am laughing all by myself in my office building. So hard I might cry.

    I do love this show, almost as much as millionaire matchmaker!

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