It’s a cat eat bug world.

Every 17 years in the south, there is an invasion of cicadas.  If you are unfamiliar with what a cicada is, it is a very large bug.  They are about 3 inches in length and look somewhat like a giant fly.  They are not attractive.  Something about their mating habits makes it so they only emerge every 17 years (13 years from some).  Anyway…not important.

There is an insect invasion that occurs more frequently and it is currently taking over my house.  I feel like I’m smack dab in the middle of an Alfred Hitchcock movie called: The Ladybugs. 

The cute little bugs with they lovely red wings and unique arrangements of black dots. 

The cute little bugs that smell oh so very, very bad.

It started with one or two here and there and I have no problem with that.  It actually makes me a little happy.  I feel like spring must be just around the corner of the ladybugs are coming out. 

But every few years, the one or two ladybugs turn in to one or two hundred ladybugs.  Or more.  That’s this year.  It’s out of control.

I picked up Chloe yesterday and she smelled like a ladybug.  Not because she was eating them (although that didn’t help) but because she had ladybugs in her fur.  No more hugs for Chloe for a bit.

I was being hit in the head by dive-bombing ladybugs while reading or working on the computer. 

I could hear that “ping! ping! ping!’ as they foolishly tried to fly out the closed windows and had no luck.

Then last night, while relaxing with some TV and Sudoku I started to smell them.  I assumed I must have killed one by sitting on it or something and therefore it emitted that odor.  Then one of them landed on my Sudoku puzzle.  I looked up. 

There on the lamp….

One of the most frightening things….

There was a swarm of 100 + ladybugs all hanging out on the lampshade.  Maybe they were attracted to it because it’s red.  Maybe because it was warm.  But the combination of the multitude of bugs and the heat from the bulb created the worst smell and there was no way around it.  If I touched the lamp and turned it off, I was bound to get the stench on my hands when I inadvertently killed one of them;  if I let it stay, the roasting insects would stink up the whole house. 

Instead…I let Chloe hunt for awhile and left her in charge of killing the bugs.   Then lights out.  I hope they’re gone tonight.


~ by zuzu on March 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “It’s a cat eat bug world.”

  1. They seem cute and harmless. Until they congregate. My sister-in-law had a ladybug problem once and it was dreadful. I’ll ask her what she did to solve it…

  2. I think those bugs are cute 😀

    agreed with comment above

  3. Ugh. That sounds awful, and a lot like the problem my brother gets at his house every hear.

  4. I guess I’m lucky – I didn’t realize they have a bad smell…

  5. WOW no thank you not my kind of comfortable living.

  6. oh wow ladybugs are among the three, no two kinds of bugs i like… 🙂 but thinking about swarms just terrifies me… i’m really not a bug person =]

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