She’s a little runaway

We got Mabel about a year ago.  There was a classified ad in the staff bulletin at work and it said: Free female Beagle puppy.  Call….  I called Wade and asked if he wanted a girl beagle pup and he said sure.  Within a week we were on our way to pick her up. 

Tuesday, after work, pet-carrier in hand we went to her former house and picked her up.  She was shy and nervous, but road well in the car and when we got home she clung to me.  She sat on my lap.  She tried to stay awake to take it all in but she kept falling asleep in a sitting position.  Finally she gave in and slept. 

The following morning, a mere 15 hours after we brought home this tiny bundle of cuteness, Wade took her outside to “do business”.  Having not purchased her official collar, she was wearing one of the cats’ break-away collar.  Which is exactly what she did.  She turned into the Incredible Hulk and burst right out of the collar.  And took off running. 

First it was just around the yard. Then it was around the barn.  Then we cornered her and I was sure I could grab her, but she just ran.  She ran like the wind.  She ran to the end of our road, hung a hard right and ran down the next road.  Then she decided to tempt fate.

She ran right out into the middle of a major road – in the middle of the morning rush.  She chose to dash down the double-yellow line.  She did NOT want to be caught. But Wade wasn’t having it.  He was going to get her. 

It was a warm March morning and it had snowed the previous day, so when Mabel made her way up into the farm fields to escape the terror that was her new parents, her footprints gave away her location.  For the next six hours Wade chased her.  On foot, in the truck, back in the opposite direction on the yellow lines, up a 89-degree incline, through the woods, through the fields, though snow and mud and puddles.  He caught a glimpse of her every now and then and then she would run.  He chased her until he lost her tracks.  On the corner of our property. 

A dejected Wade made his way back to the house to tell me that she was gone. 

Meanwhile, I had decided to take a personal day.  I made several hand-written signs saying: LOST, Beagle Puppy, doesn’t have a name, last seen behind your house, Phone #.  I delivered these to the few houses that sat in front of the fields she had been in that morning.

Later that afternoon, prior to Wade’s return, my cell phone rang.  I answered…

Man: Can I help you?
Me: Um, what? 
Man:  Did you leave me a note?
Me: Oh, are you calling about the puppy?
Man: I don’t know.  Did you leave a note?
Me: Yes, I lost my puppy.  Do you have her? 
Man:  No. What does she look like?
Me: (slightly annoyed – it’s a beagle!  They all look the same!!) She’s small. She’s black & tan.  Have you seen her?
Man: No, but if she’s here my dog will let me know.
Me:  Thank you.
Man:  I got your note and wanted to call the number in case you needed help.  I can’t read and didn’t want to wait until my wife got home in case you needed me.
Me: (crying now….) Thank you….

The world is a good place.

It’s even better…. We got so many calls just checking on the status.  Complete strangers just wanting to know if we got our puppy back!  It was heartwarming.

11 PM that night:  I was asleep on the couch.  Wade woke me up.  “She’s here” he said.  She had come back. 

We didn’t get her back in the house for 5 days.  She was sleeping in the barn but would come to the porch to eat.  On Sunday morning I saw her in the yard and followed her quietly.  I cornered her in the barn and caught her. 

She hasn’t left since. 


Also, she just graduated to a collar from a harness.  Precautions!


~ by zuzu on March 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “She’s a little runaway”

  1. I remember how upset you were that day! I’m so glad she came home. Look at that cute face.

  2. Canine-babies! What a story! We have a beagle neighbor and he’s my favorite of that family…

  3. That’s so sweet! So glad you she came back – and that you have such wonderful neighbors!

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