Missing Mum

The last time I saw my Mum was the day after Christmas.  In nearly 30 years the longest I’ve gone without seeing her is one month.  That was in first grade when she took a trip to Europe with her brother.  I remember talking to her a couple of times while she was away.  Specifically one day about half-way through her trip and I told her that I was doing okay and that I hadn’t cried yet.  I’m pretty sure that made her cry and I’m also pretty sure I didn’t make it the whole month without crying. 

So why the long separation… 

Shortly after Christmas, my parents took a trip to Arizona and California and immediately upon their return, Mum had to go up to Maine to stay with her mom.  My grandfather was having surgery and my grandmother can’t really take care of herself (but they are ok together).  It was supposed to be a couple weeks and that stretched into 6 weeks.  My grandfather took a bad turn and we were all pretty sure this was the end.  He laughed in the faces of fate and pulled through though and made a nearly full recovery!  He stayed hospitalized and then went to rehab and then he came home. 

I talked to Mum frequently while she was there and I made some calls to Papa to make sure he was hanging in there. Six weeks of cooking for himself!  Six weeks alone in his newly retired state!  The highlights he reported included going to the gym every day and cleaning the cats’ litter boxes.  His motto is ‘Dare to be dull,’ but he’s hardly dull….despite the previous notes.

Anyway, Mum called me once and was very upset.  This was towards the beginning – before anything bad had happened with my grandfather.  She was homesick and she and her mom were instantly sent back in time to when Mum was 15.  It was a bad scene.  Being the strong woman she is though, she pulled through.  She ignored my grandmothers comments about it being disrespectful for Mum to stay up after she had gone to bed (at 8PM); She stopped trying to explain why she was talking on her cell phone rather than the hall rotary phone (with a party line!!); She didn’t tell her about 65 minutes a day that she was able to email her family and friends – you only get 65 minutes at the library.  And she did start the conversations – although not without a fight – about how they needed another plan for the next time this happens.

Well, Mum came home two weeks ago and I still haven’t seen her!  Last weekend she really needed to decompress.  That’s completely understandable.  This weekend she and Papa are going to see the boys and my sister.  Next weekend, though, I get to spend all of Saturday with her.  My next weekend we will be at nearly the three-month mark of not seeing each other.  That’s pretty unacceptable to me. 

 I can’t wait to see my friend again. 


~ by zuzu on March 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Missing Mum”

  1. I’m so very glad to hear that you have a mother who you are close to, who you can spend time with and who you love and who clearly loves her family very much.

    Cherish her while you’ve got her. I wish I could hear my mom’s voice again, get that hug, those reassurances that all us little girls need and want.

    I’ve got my mom in my heart but it’s just not the same. Thanks for the beautiful post about your mom and your relationship with her – you’ve brought me to tears today with reminders, thank you thank you.

    Peace, love and understanding.

  2. With my mom being 3 hours away, I miss her a ton. Especially during the wedding planning. I’m so glad you get to see yours soon!

  3. Your mom (and dad) rocks. I’d miss her (him, them) too.

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