We’re officially tapped for the spring. 

As a farm girl (stilettos or not), it is imperative that I take on the responsibilities of a farm girl.  Since we have no farm animals and I don’t not have a green thumb and there is currently no grass to mow with the tractor, this means that I need to do something else.  Tap trees. 

Wade and I don’t this in an oldy-timey fashion, but we do tap trees and hang aluminum buckets off of them and collect sap. 

We don’t have a ton of maples, but there is a decent combo of red maples and sugar maples.  We mix the sap together and create one fabulously dark maple syrup.  Yum. 

As we walked around the yard Saturday, Wade did his usual quizzing me about tree types.  Because there are no leaves currently, I have an extreme disadvantage during these quizzes.  The only one I know (and my old standby answer) is shag-bark hickory.  It has a very distinctive look, so I feel fairly confident shouting this one out.


Maples, as you can see – not so distinctive.  Especially when we are looking at them during dusk. 

(sugar maple) 

(red maple)

And even less distinctive – the Ash.

Yes.  We tapped two Ash trees. 

Little known fact:  Ash sap tasts like “ash.” 

Not to worry, we won’t make syrup from that. 


~ by zuzu on March 17, 2008.

10 Responses to “Tapped”

  1. Now that’s cool. Tapping trees. V. cool.


  2. That’s the Vermont in you (and him). No question.

  3. That is awesome! but what do you do with the ash sap?

  4. Very cool! We did that once when we were kids. Ok helped my dad do it. It was fun. I still have the wooden spoon we used to stir the sap/syrup.

  5. Awesome! You are making me crave pancakes. Hey – the sugar maple pic is the same as the red maple pic… isn’t it? You’re teasing us, aren’t you.

  6. i like syrup, and so does my daughter!

  7. PS – you’re on the blogroll – I cant have you stopping by for a cuppa tea and a read and not have you along my right hand side.


  8. […] Our maples are only producing some sap.  We may have been a little late with the tapping.  However, out of the 8 taps, 4 of them have provided us with full(ish) buckets on round one.  […]

  9. I believe that you have used the same “sugar maple bark” picture for both the sugar and red maple labels. You should correct this

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