Tying up loose blog ends

There are few posts out there that require some updates or answers to some questions. So working our way through the most recent and so on, here we go!

1.   Our maples are only producing some sap.  We may have been a little late with the tapping.  However, out of the 8 taps, 4 of them have provided us with full(ish) buckets on round one.  The other four were bone dry.  The ash trees produced one bone dry and one 1/8th-full of brownish liquid. 

2.  To CuriousC – thank you for noticing that the sugar maple and red maple picture were the same. 🙂

3.  The ladybugs are not getting any better. They are still taking over our house and Chloe has had too much of the taste evidently.  She’s stopped consuming them.  Now, not only do we have them flying about and committing suicide in our beverages, but due to their evidently short life expectancy, there are ladybug carcasses all over the place.  Good times.

4.  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been fairly good about not buying too many shoes.  After Mabel ate one of my brown sensible shoes, I was forced to purchase another pair (lots of walking at work + stilettos = hurtin’ feets).  This one pair actually turned out to be 2 pairs of sensible – 1 brown & 1 black – and 2 pairs of heels.  Orange snake skin (half d’orsay/half pump and all HOT) and then the same shoe in beige because, really, I need a light pair of shoes.  It’s almost spring!


   this except with a little d’orsay cut-out action on the inside.

5.  I officially start my cognitive behavioral therapy in less than one month.  I got my packet of preliminary questions in the mail and started to fill them out. I’m counting down the moments to when my emetophobia is gone (see? positive attitude – I’m going to kick this!) and my general anxiety is reduced or gone.  I’ll take whatever I can get! 

Is there anything else I’ve left you in the lurch about?  Let me know.  I’ll fill you in!


~ by zuzu on March 20, 2008.

One Response to “Tying up loose blog ends”

  1. The shoes are gorgeous!

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