One more strike, Buddy!!

Ooooo!!!!  I’m so mad right now!  There is this new guy at work and I swear he’s doing everything in his power to just NOT make friends.  He’s rude and obnoxious and just doesn’t get that this sort of behavior is normally frowned upon by most decent people! 

For awhile I went about my business and ignore him – different department – our paths don’t cross much.  But today he got strike two in my book and I’m angry!

Strike 1:  Last Friday…

A group of us were enjoying our lunch and minding our own business.  G walks in and assesses the situation.  I suspect he was hoping that we would offer him some food or something…this daily constitutional to the breakroom is, at this point, just par for the course.  So he takes a look around: Buffalo chicken wraps….burgers…. meat.  On a Friday.  During Lent.  With a dramatic roll of his eyes he announces to the room, “Well, I hope we all remember that it’s Lent!” 

I’m sorry, when did my religious beliefs and practices become your business.  Right about the time when….oh, that’s right.  NEVER!!

That same Friday, it happened to my day with kitchen duty (we’re on a weekly rotation here).  Kitchen duty consists of:  cleaning the kitchen, cleaning out unidentifiable food in the fridge, restocking plasticware, running and/or cleaning out the dishwasher.  It’s a quick chore.  I didn’t really feel like going to get the pasticware refills so after cleaning the whole kitchen I asked a pal if he would get it if I paid him.  He did and his request was Cadbury Cream Eggs.  Sweet!  It was a done deal!

End of day Friday – kitchen was clean (with witnesses).

Which brings us to Strike 2:

Today was G’s turn for kitchen duty.  After a week of 25 people in and out of a kitchen a couple times a day, a kitchen is bound to get a bit tousled.  He had the audacity to come to me – in front of my boss and another co-worker and accuse me of NOT cleaning it and then implying that I should clean it again!  To top that – he announced in front of several people that I didn’t clean it the previous week! 

I’m livid.  I know it’s dumb.  But this sort of thing just really burns my toast.


~ by zuzu on March 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “One more strike, Buddy!!”

  1. i TOTALLY get this. ourrr new guy has been here 3 weeks now and he just irks me.

    to make matters worse, the boss is away for 3 days so he is slackin’ off. he always seems to turn on the work ethic when the boss is here, and then drops as soon as the boss departs the office…

  2. That is such BS! I hate stuff like that. Good luck w/ dealing with him.

  3. OMG what an ass! You want me to come over and kick his butt?

  4. my “new guy” was exceptionally irritating today. i want him to go away. we need a shelter for unwanted coworkers. we can send them there to live out the remainder of their days without aggravating us.

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