Never a dull moment

When you’re in the business that I’m in, there are always good stories popping up.  Especially since in one weekend I can come in indirect contact with 25,000 people.  Where there are 25,000 people, there are at least 10,000 of those who are crazy, funny, inappropriate, or just plain entertaining.  Today, I thought I would share with you some of my most memorable moments from the past few years of event managing.  I suspect that once I get started, I’ll have so many that this will be the first of a few installments. 

~ Episode 1:  Do you know anything about…? ~

Last summer I was working on, at that point, the largest event of my career – the Wooden Boat Show.  This took over a good portion of a 17-acre museum and for all intents & purposes, it was my responsibility to keep an eye on all of it.  At the same time.  Mid-morning, I ran into two of my bosses – the district manager and the senior VP.  As we discussed how all was going, I happened to catch out of the corner of my eye someone running and galloping across the lawn.  I excused myself from my superiors and made a call which went like this:

me: Hey Anne.  Do you know anything about the naked man?
Anne:  No.  Is he cute?
me: Sort of. 
Anne: Naked?
me:  All but a loin cloth.  OH!  He just turned sideways….

~ Episode 2:  But my mom is in there!! ~

This takes place at one of my first events with my current employer.  The show had started and all was going smoothly.  I was back on the loading dock and I noticed a woman trying to enter the hall through the back door.  I thought nothing of it as there was a staff member already attending to her. I was later called into Security to be “briefed” on the situation.  Evidently this woman showed up at around 11:45 AM and was trying to get in the hall.  She was wasted.  Drunk as a skunk.  Falling over and slurring.  She kept yelling “But my mom is in there!” and then she would follow that up with saying “my mom can’t see me like this!”  Eventually arrangements were made to get her in a cab and take her to her hotel (next door).  This was after threatening to call the police if she didn’t hand over her car keys.  Our security guy actually created a make-shift drunk tank.  All before noon.

~ Episode 3: That clown just threatened me! ~

My first event here at my current employer was by far my worst event ever.  Besides the aftermath of being called a racist and all the lights going out (including the emergency back up lights) during the show and the complete and utter chaos that this event was… there was a fight.  The fight was between a security guard and a clown.  Imagine an average height man in a security uniform, nose-to-nose with a 6′ 2″ clown with a rainbow colored wig. 

Yeah.  You can’t make this stuff up. 


~ by zuzu on March 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Never a dull moment”

  1. These stories are hilarious, and you seem to take even the strangest events in stride and with good humor. I’ve enjoyed reading the entries on your blog, and it certainly appears that you have a cool job, indeed! I hope you’ll take a few moments to come on over to and give my readers some information on what it’s like to be an event manager.

    As far as I can tell from what you’ve written, it seems about as challenging as herding cats!

  2. this is going to be a good series….i love the way it’s starting.

  3. I think you have to love crisis and be able to size up situations fast plus say just the right thing. Which is why the event I once tried to pulll off caused me much stress! It went OK, though. NO stories. Just glad I’m not doing it anymore… Hats off to you!

  4. How did I not know about the naked man???

  5. Yes, how did we NOT know about the naked man? What was the follow up to THAT!

    And you have an elliptical trainer? And an iTouch? And your own homemade maple syrup? JEALOUS!

  6. […] I wish I could make it a full-time job.  Sometimes it is part of my full-time job as I mentioned earlier.  But wouldn’t it be fun to sit in an airport or a mall or some other equally as travelled […]

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