Third Installment of People I’ve Seen

I really love people watching.  I wish I could make it a full-time job.  Sometimes it is part of my full-time job as I mentioned earlier.  But wouldn’t it be fun to sit in an airport or a mall or some other equally as travelled location and just observe?  But alas, it doesn’t pay well.

This brings me to my third installment of the people I’ve seen.  You can check out the previous ones here and here

Where are they coming from?

Early on a Sunday morning, I was driving to Dunkin Donuts for the much needed coffee and a donut. Or two.  I came to a light and stopped to wait my turn.  I was on a hill, so I was very focused on my surroundings (being a fairly new standard driver, I didn’t want to hit someone/thing behind me).  I see someone approaching to cross in front of my car.  Starting at the top:  A fur cowboy hat.  Purple sunglasses. A floor-length cheetah print fur coat. Red cowboy boots.  Oh, this is fabulous.  Then I take another look.  It’s a man.  ANOTHER transvestite has crossed my path!!  What are the odds!?  It’s not like a live in a city – I live in the country (hence being a farm girl).  Who knew that so many transvestites lived in farm country??  Never fear, I quickly forgot about rolling backwards.  I whipped out my cell phone and took a picture.  It didn’t come out well, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Crazies Cross Paths

I.  Sitting at the bar and in comes a couple.  Could quite possibly be a father taking his young daughter out for a beer and a shot a whiskey, but highly unlikely.  This is clearly a sugar-daddy situation as the man is easily in his late 50s, not attractive (pasty like Liza Minnelli’s ex-husband) and she is a tall, beautiful 20-something woman. 

II.  Sitting at same bar next to odd couple and in comes dude with mohawk.  Nice.  It’s good to know the mohawk is still an acceptable hair-do. 

I & II decide they should chat.

II  – Did you go to college?
I (woman) – Yes.
II – I dropped out of high school, but I bet I make more money than you.
I (w) – Oh.
II – How much do you make?
I (w) – That’s none of your business.

II now proceeds to bait her.  He calls her stuck up.  He’s being rude.  He throws out the sugar-daddy card (thank you!!  We were all thinking it!).  Then after about 10 minutes of this and sugar-daddy not doing a whole heck of a lot, she stands up.

I’m thinking that she’s leaving. 

Um, no.  She gets up, walks up to the guy and just decks him!  She just starts pounding on him and literally has to be pulled off of the guy by TWO bouncers.  They threw her out.  Sugar-daddy went with her.

Then sugar-daddy came back.  He hadn’t finished his beer.  So as the little lady is standing out in cold and licking her wounds, he is back at the bar finishing his beer!!!!  Can you even imagine??  Once he finished it, he left for the evening. 

I’m sure there was another fist fight in her future after that behavior. 

I don’t know why I attract these people into my life, but I love it.


~ by zuzu on March 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Third Installment of People I’ve Seen”

  1. Hahahahah now why didn’t you take pictures of that?!

  2. Wow! I have never seen anything like sitch #2 before – How funny! And, yes, why didn’t you take pictures of that??

  3. I would love to have coffee and doughnuts for breakfast!
    It’s my dream breakfast (or at least one of them), but I think it would be a bad habit for me to get into!
    My friend’s mum, who is 60 odd does, and she’s one of the most elegant, slim women I know – but she has to have her doughnut first thing.

  4. If we don’t have a picture, we need a sketch. Do you know anyone who sketches? I do. Molls does. Mikie does. Maybe we’ll ask him how much he charging for his sketches.

    Do you know this inside joke? I’d write a post about it, but I might get fired…


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