Needing a push

Maybe because I have a lot of paper work that needs to get done.

Maybe because I’ve had a head cold for 3 months and my head is all stuffy.

Maybe because I accidentally drank a ladybug last night.

Maybe because the weekend is only 2 days away, yet so FAR away.

Maybe because I’m not feeling at all creative.

Maybe because sometimes this can be stressful.

Maybe because I’m hung up on the search term “cat wearing a lampshade” that was used to find me. 

Whatever it is. 

I need help.

Point my blog in the direction it’s supposed to go.  Ask me anything.  I’ll probably tell you the truth.  Can you give me a push, please?


~ by zuzu on April 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Needing a push”

  1. A photo entry of your favorite shoes?

  2. sorry about the lady bug thing. it did make me laugh, though.
    if you’re bored you can swing by my blog and participate in mad lib thursday. could provide about 20 seconds of tepid amusement.
    as far as a topic…tell us what physical and mental challenges you would give your coworkers, as if your office was survivor, in hopes of eliminating the guy who tossed your hummus…

  3. Your most favorite childhood memory?

  4. You drank a lady bug? On the rocks?

    Do you need a moaf hug?

  5. Your most embarrassing moment? The moment you KNEW you found the man of your dreams? Favorite words? Favorite book you’ve read lately? The top 3 posts you’ve blogged that REALLY show who you are? Make up a meme of something and you can tag me…

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