Sunny Saturday

Saturday was so gorgeous! 

The ladybugs are still out of control, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and opened all the windows in hopes that the ladies would find a better home elsewhere.  This actually turned out to be a good plan.  We’ve reduced our ladybug population by at least 75%, I’d say. 

With the window open this gave the cats the opportunity to pretend they are brave.  This is more than the usual:  Franklin escapes to the laundry room thinking he’s making a big break for it.  Five minutes later he’s on the washing machine crying to get in.  He’s not as tough as he thinks. 

But I digress. 

Here are my brave kitties:

hmmm….what’s this I see?

Being brave...

I don’t know if this was the greatest idea.  What do you think, Frank?


Once the kitties got over this new adventure – which took all of 45 seconds – it was time for a photo shoot with the pups.  This was long overdue.  The last photos I had of Mabel, she had yet to graduate from her puppy harness to her big-girl collar! Now Mabel & Alex have matching collars…Mabel’s is too small to see and Alex has so much fur, the collar is lost within it. 

Hello.  I’m ready for my close up.

Me too!  Me too!  Are you holding a treat, Mom?

Did someone say treats?

It’s time to be artsy.  Hey, where did Mabel go?

You’ll never catch me!!  I’m super fast!!  And did you know I can fly?

Many. Many. Many attemps later, I finally got the two in one shot and actually looking in the same general direction.  It’s amazing what bacon will do. 


~ by zuzu on April 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sunny Saturday”

  1. oooh yes a treat does wonders for a picture. Love those puppies!

  2. So cute. I lurve the name Mable. and I have a fondness for Beagles, too.

  3. except I didn’t spell it right! Mabel!!!!!! sorry. delete or fix!?!??!

  4. I love that last picture of both of the pups! Too funny.

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