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While in my slump – of which I have not fully recovered – CuriousC suggested that I write about my favorite words and/or my favorite books as of late.  The two things really go hand-in-hand since books are full of words and if they’re not good words, then the book is probably not good. 

Another thing that goes along with this is style.  It’s all about the style for me.  I have the most difficult time getting into a book if I don’t like the author’s writing style.  I’m a grammar junkie (she writes knowing perfectly well that she is most likely violating many a rule…).  Sometimes there is a perfectly wonderful story and I just can’t through it because the style is just, well, wrong.  An example of this is Tuesdays With Morrie.  I hear that it’s a fabulous book.  I should know.  I read it.  I don’t remember anything about the book except that Morrie is an old man and there are no quotation marks in the entire book!  Drove me crazy. 

So grammar – it’s super important to me. 

Moving on, however, to the books that I adore and love and would want to take with me if ever stranded on an island forever (assuming, of course, that I’m aware this is happening and have the means to pack them!).

To Kill A Mockingbird, Haper Lee – I didn’t read this one.  I listened to it on audiobook when I first started working here.  My commute is fairly long, so audiobooks is the way to go.  I am 29 and I think that for the remainder of my life I will regret not having To Kill A Mockingbird in my life for my first 29 years.  Is there a better book? 

~ Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell – This was assigned to me for a book report in high school and I recall secretly cursing my English teacher for giving me such a long book.  It is why he was the teacher and I the student: he knows more.  I could not put the book down despite just wanting to shake Scarlett until she came to her senses and glaring at the book because Rhett is just so…not nice and adoring Ashley.  How could you not. 

~ Straight Man, Richard Russo – Although on shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I did.  This book is bright red with a duck on it.  Of course I needed to see what this all about.  It was the first Russo book I read and it will not be the last.  It was funny, well-written, and very much reminicent of John Irving’s The World According to Garp – another of my favorites. 

~ The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova – This is a dramatic historical fiction account of the “true story” of Vlad the Impaler.  I was never into the Bram Stoker take on Dracula or anything of that nature.  I have nothinig against it, but it just didn’t interest me.  Kostova’s writing is just unbelieveable and this lands in the top 10 books I’ve read.  It was definitely one of those that I didn’t want to end and I can’t wait for her to write another book. 

I could probably go on for days about books.  I love reading and wish there were more hours in the day so I could read more.  I also wish I was a faster reader.  It seems unfair that I’m a slow reader…  If you want to see all of my books or my other recommendations, click here

ps…has anyone found spellcheck yet???? 


~ by zuzu on April 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “books full of words and stuff”

  1. Spellcheck –

    Write your blog in MS Word and run the spellcheck there and then bring it over. 🙂

    To Kill A Mockingbird – Great movie. Great book. I think I read it in Robert Ritzer’s class in 7th grade.

  2. Great list! because now I HAVE TO GO READ The Historian. I love historical fiction. I very much liked Russo’s Empire Falls.

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