Should I send a plant?

I was just checking out how this gorgeous pup almost caused a car accident and my guilt of almost causing one myself came back.  I was almost over it, but now I feel bad again.

We have new neighbors.  It’s a good thing.  Our old neighbors never came out of the house except when Milt was doing his target practice.  Then there is our other neighbor – Bob.  Bob is just…unsettling.  It’s nice that we have, what appears to be, normal neighbors. 

Well the other day I was in habit-mode.  I pulled up to our mailbox (which is across the street from our driveway), checked the mail and did my usual 90-degree turn into my driveway. Living on a street with only 2 other houses, the likelihood of another vehicle being there is about slim to none.  Not that day.  That day I almost did my 90-degree turn into my neighbor’s SUV. 

Rightfully, she laid on the horn.  Rightfully, she gave me “the look”.  NOT rightfully, the look last longer than the necessary time needed to express her lack of approval of my dumb move.  I mouthed, “I’m sorry!”  The look continued and then she tore up the street making a dramatic ordeal of it.  This was anticlimactic, I feel, because her driveway was about 100 feet away.  The peel-out effect was lost.

Anyway, I felt bad.  I don’t want my neighbor to hate me.  I thought about bringing her a plant and saying: Sorry that I habitually turn into my driveway and then almost ran you over.  But, really, your look was unnecessary.  While we’re discussing, maybe you should consider slowing down a little bit. Your high speed maneuvers scare my dog(s).  And while we’re at it, I was here first so I think I have the right of way. Who cares what the laws of the road are.

It was pointed out to me, that this may not be the best way to mend this slightly splintered fence.  Maybe I should just let it go and actually look behind me from now on. 


~ by zuzu on April 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “Should I send a plant?”

  1. or you could include a really passive-aggressive sentiment:

    “i could see by your expression that you were very upset with me turning into my driveway without looking. it was very careless of me and now that i know how upset you get about these things i will be more careful.”

    a sweet neighbor would forgive you. this one sounds like a crab. i just witnessed an accident about 30 mins ago. it was so close i almost couldn’t open my car door when i went to see if they were ok.

  2. I like the passive-aggressive comment! Try it and let us know! I would probably let it go… I have SOOO many of these kind of situations with my nextdoor neighbor, I have to sigh now. **sigh***

  3. Let it go–though I LOVE LOVE LOVE the passive aggressive answer. Brilliant, goodbear!

  4. Let it go. Her nastiness definitely isn’t worth your time.

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