Sometimes you gotta go.

7:30 PM – On my way home after a long day.  I had a food show and now I smell really bad.

7:45 PM – Parked on the highway in one lane.  There have been warning signs for about two miles stating ‘LEFT LANE CLOSED!  MERGE RIGHT!’  I did.  The ‘special’ people did not.

7:47 PM – Still parked.  White Jetta flies by me on the left.  I silently curse Jetta. 

7:52 PM – See that Jetta hasn’t made it as far as he’d like as awesome guy in Rav-4 decided to move over and park in the left lane. Rav-4 is my hero. 

7:55 PM – See that Jetta guy is getting angry.  Jetta swerves onto the grassy median to go around Rav-4.  Rav-4 not having it.  He moves slightly perpendicular to the road.  Now Rav-4 is really my hero. 

7:58 PM – Notice that the driver’s side door on the pick up truck in front of me is opening.  Immediately jump to the conclusion that Pick-Up Truck is going to now join in the festivities of this Road Rage Party.

7:50 PM – See that Pick-Up Truck is not getting out of truck.  See an unmistakable arched stream of fluid coming from the driver’s side.  Immediately begin laughing right out loud and saying ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS???’ 

7:50:43 PM – See that traffic is inching forward, yet stream is still…flowing.  This doesn’t stop Pick-Up Truck, he just drives while he’s going. 

7:52 PM – My laughter has subsided and I realize that I MUST call someone who will appreciate this.

I called my boss.  She’s awesome. 

Me:  Hi!  I’m not calling about work.
T: Good!  What’s up.
Me: I’m parked on the highway in traffic and the guy in front of me just peed in the middle of the road.  And drove at the same time.
T:  (Much hilarity on her end…)  That is awesome.  I’m glad that a guy peeing in the road made you think of me.
Me:  You appreciate this kind of stuff.

7:57 PM – Pick-Up Truck pulls into shoulder, drives ahead some and then throws it into reverse up the entrance/exit ramp.  Really?  If you were planning to do that, why didn’t you just hold it?



~ by zuzu on April 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Sometimes you gotta go.”

  1. You seriously see the weirdest people. Are they drawn to you?!

  2. THAT is so funny! Guys have it so easy!

  3. I agree with Molly. I’ve gone 36 years without seeing half the stuff you have. What a riot!

  4. wow, you were in the right place at the right time. or wrong, maybe….

    funny post!

  5. That’s awesome.

    My daughter has been doing the hover over the toddler potty and pee thing.

    But, Melissa is right. We do have it easy.

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